Gitmo for Your Freedom Dollar

Amazingly, President Bush said he wanted to close it. Now President Obama has signed an executive order to close it.

And I disagree with both of them. I say we keep Guantanamo Bay open.

I have been to Gitmo to visit with the US Marines running what I believe to be an essential institution for the pivotal security of a free world. The Marines I spoke with told me that they would never turn their backs on any of the dangerous terrorpunks held at Gitmo.

Job number one of the president is to keep the US safe. Make no mistake, Gitmo is home to some of the world’s most violent subhuman rabid dog punks on the planet whose clear and stated life’s goal is to destroy America and all those who don’t follow Islam. These religious psychos, barbarians, killers and terrorists need to be kept in cages far away from America. Gitmo serves that purpose and serves it well.

I believed President Bush when he said Gitmo houses human debris who, if released, would do whatever they can to bring harm, death and destruction to America. These
vermin would cut your head off in a heartbeat if given the opportunity. Know this.

And what Bush said has been proven time and again.  Too many of the more than 500 enemy combatants brought to Gitmo have already been released and more than 60 of them have gone back to the battlefields in Iraq and Afghanistan to kill Americans. About eighteen of them have been recaptured or killed. Thank you very much ACLU.

The only ones who remain are either proven vicious terrorist scum – the worst of the worst – or people who we can’t send back to where they were caught or to their homeland because no one will take them.  Fine.  Leave ‘em at Gitmo forever.

Some of the remaining vermin including the subhuman debris who planned the September 11th attacks and who want to die so that they can become martyrs. Only a fool would dare think about compromising the lockdown on these animals.

President Obama and Eric Holder, Obama’s choice for Attorney General, are against the military commissions trying the remaining terrorpunks at Gitmo. Holder wants to kill those commissions and replace them with a process that provides the terrorpunks with more due process, probably in civilian courtts. Obama supports that belief and has suspended these commissions for 120 days, so far.

That’s ironic considering that while Holder was the number two guy at the Justice Department during the Clinton administration that he supported and lobbied in 1999 for the commutation of the sentences for 16 members of the FALN and another terrorist organization who had been convicted of bank robbery, possession of explosives and other crimes. This was done to help secure the Puerto Rican vote for Mrs. Clinton’s senate campaign. With this kind of logic, do not be surprised if Holder lobbies for parole for Charlie Manson if his mindless followers promise to vote Democratic.

The Wall Street Journal reported on January 16 that CIA Director Hayden stated that making the CIA adhere to the Army Field Manual’s interrogation techniques would limit the agency to a number of interrogation practices that al-Queda and the rest of the sumpunks know about and train their people to resist. Director Hayden further stated that half of critical intelligence gained on al Qaeda in 2006 came from fewer than 100 terrormaggots the CIA was holding. If waterboarding these vermin will help keep Americans safe, I’m all for it.  And I’d bet you are, too.

In an interview with CNN’s Larry King before he left office, President Bush stated there are very evil people in the world who want to bring harm to America. Let us hope President Obama was watching and took careful notes.

Let us hope President Obama listens to professional CIA officers instead of intelligence lightweight CIA Director Panetta. Let us hope President Obama gets a full briefing on the killers at Gitmo and determines that Gitmo is the best place for them. Let us hope President Obama continues with the lawful wiretapping program launched by President Bush to identify potential terrorpunks. Let us hope President Obama cares more about our security than some terrorpunk’s so-called rights.

We should never give the Gitmo terror scumpunks what they want, not even death. We should also not cave into international and domestic hippy pressure to close Gitmo. We should only make decisions that are in the best interest of America.  

I say we leave Guantanamo Bay open for business and put up a big sign at the entrance: Welcome to Gitmo: justice here is served cold.