'Game Over' for America's Traditional Culture?

Robert Chandler’s hefty new book, Shadow World may well be one of the most utterly disturbing works produced in recent years as regards our possible long-range future.
The author explains in his introduction that the intent of his book is to describe the political forces hidden deep in the shadows of international affairs.&nbsp; He examines a broad range of America-haters, including those aging ones who survived the Cold War and others that have since been spawned by new transnational predators.<br /> <br /> Chandler sees a seething hatred for Americans coalesced into a loose network&nbsp; of mutual support through three main centers of anti-American activity. (1) the Kremlin&rsquo;s secret hand operating from the titular shadow world to create conditions favorable for Russia&rsquo;s long-term geopolitical objectives; (2) a radical progressive-socialist-Marxist web of popular fronts, agents of influence, and covert operatives fostering an anti-capitalist cultural revolution in the United States and Europe; and (3) an Islamic Salafist multinational with interconnections between al-Qaeda&nbsp; and other terrorist groups dedicated to restoration of a world caliphate and Saudi Arabia&rsquo;s plans to place Europe, Russia, and the United States under Islamic suzerainty.<br /> <br /> There is no mistaking what Chandler sees ahead for us: three major geopolitical contenders with the wherewithal to establish a new world order locked in a long-term, winner-take-all struggle. Unnervingly the ultimate victor will win the right to exercise its power and political authority over all of the Earth&rsquo;s six billion people. It&rsquo;s all very grim with Chandler claiming this three-way geopolitical competition will result in &ldquo;the most profound and widespread modification of international, national, and local life that the world has seen in a thousand years.&rdquo;<br /> <br /> Chandler concludes his introduction by telling us that the trends, policy shifts, covert actions, international terrorism, and anti-American coalitions add up one certainty:&nbsp; A late twenty-first century borderless world under a single government is in the making.&nbsp; The open question is whether the new world order will be autocratic, democratic, or theocratic. The ultimate winner of this global geopolitical competition is not yet apparent.&rdquo;<br /> <br /> Chandler takes the reader through fourteen fairly dense chapters with headings like &ldquo;Plato&rsquo;s Cave,&rdquo; Latin America&rsquo;s Slide to the Left,&rdquo; &rdquo;Progressive-Socialist-Marxist Politics,&rdquo; &rdquo;Restoration of a World Islamic Caliphate,&rdquo; &ldquo;Saudi Arabia&rsquo;s Religious Fifth Column,&rdquo; concluding with &ldquo;Faceless International.&rdquo;<br /> <br /> The research of Chandler is very thorough and frankly unsettling particularly when it comes to dealing with our press and our academia, informative and deeply damning to say the least. Consider what Chandler to say about President Obama before his election: &ldquo;Obama promises a vague image of &lsquo;real change&rsquo; when he is elected president. But &lsquo;real change&rsquo; is defined through his long relationship with Communists and progressives-socialists-Marxists and peddlers of Black Liberation Theology. Senator Obama is a shadow puppet for the Institute for Policy Studies drive toward creating a new social construct that embraces Antonio Gramsci&rsquo;s formula for a socialist-Marxist economy and a government exerting mind control over the American people through a comprehensive cultural revolution.<br /> <br /> And hear how Chandler exactly how he views our new president: &ldquo;In the real world, Barack Obama is the progressive-socialist-Marxist soldier hiding inside a Trojan Horse cast onto the walls of Plato&rsquo;s cave.&nbsp; He is the one who, when elected, will slip out of the radical Left&rsquo;s wooden horse to open America&rsquo;s gates to a horde of socialists, Marxists, and assorted Communists intent on swarming the federal government and carrying out a family-destroying, religion-busting, freedom-infringing cultural revolution and an extended political dominance over the entire country.&nbsp; They will seek to &ldquo;Marxize&rdquo; America.&rdquo;<br /> <br /> In the last pages of his book, Chandler sums up our new president neatly and alarmingly: &ldquo;When one combines the perspective of Obama in the White House and with the Institute for Policy Studies helping shape policies in the US House and Senate, plus several state legislatures, one might believe that it is &rsquo;game over&rsquo; for America&rsquo;s traditional culture embracing liberty and liberal democratic government.&rdquo;<br />