Is Obama Reading Peggy Noonan?

Peggy Noonan has been fairly cautious in her columns on Obama thus far — frustratingly cautious, for some conservatives. But her recent article contained a beautiful nugget of foresight on the new president: “He would be most unwise to rouse the sleeping giant that is American conservatism. One thing that would rouse it, and begin to bring its broken pieces back together, would be radical movement on abortion, such as pushing the so-called Freedom of Choice Act.”
It didn’t take long for events to vindicate Noonan.  Obama discovered the truth in her words this past week, when he had to ask that contraceptive funding be yanked from the so-called “stimulus” plan. Give him credit for recognizing a losing battle earlier than Pelosi, who tried to defend the outrageous idea that contraceptive funding helps stimulate the economy.  Rep. Mike Pence likes to say that “the minority party plus the American people equal a majority.”  Canceling the Pelosi abortion stimulus proved again that Pence is right.  Obama saw the backlash and took note.  He reportedly said he supports the idea of funding contraceptives, but now is not the time, and an economic stimulus package isn’t the place.  Translation: don’t stuff too many unpalatable items down people’s throats in one sitting.

Obama already played with fire by overturning the Mexico City Policy Friday — quietly, as HUMAN EVENTS editor Jed Babbin pointed out, with none of the razzle-dazzle given the executive orders on Gitmo and interrogation. But while Obama was opening the door for the execution of millions of babies abroad last Friday, 1200 people were busy honoring the work of six heroes in the pro-life movement: Jill Stanek, Richard Doerflinger, Kay Coles James, Peggy Hartshorn, Lila Rose, and the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynocologists.

Stanek held in her arms a baby left to die from a botched abortion and fought for the Born Alive Infant Protection Act. Hartshorn has helped countless mothers and children through her pregnancy resource center.  Rose, still a student at UCLA, went undercover and did an expose of Planned Parenthood.  Many of the winners said their prize money — $600,000 was given out overall — would go to their organizations to further pro-life work.  Often the winners’ rhetoric included humble deflection of praise.  I’m not anything special.  I saw a need, I felt a call.  One recipient phrased it beautifully: “God doesn’t call the equipped, he equips the called.”

It takes an important cause, and real love of neighbor, to inspire heroic actions such as these.  The Life Prizes banquet last Friday celebrated a heroism that the majority of Americans get, but Pelosi is too dense to see.  Obama, meanwhile, is smart enough not to fall into Pelosi’s gaffe.  Unfortunately, his involvement in removing the offending legislation is a change in Democrat strategy rather than a change of heart.  No radical movements yet, but that doesn’t mean radical legislation isn’t coming.

In the past week, the Drudge Report devoted two main headlines to pro-choice and questionable sex-ed funding legislation tucked inside the stimulus package.  That’s not an observation on any political stance for Drudge — which he takes pains to avoid — but it’s  like firing a twenty-one gun salute on the news. Drudge knows what excites Americans and what they want to read about. If Drudge gives prime real estate to any issue twice within a week, it’s because the topic is important to Americans.

It speaks well of the conservative movement that their rallying call is the right to life.  The sooner Obama brings his philosophy in line with that of our country, the better for all Americans, born and unborn.  Meanwhile, we have to fight the fight along with heroes such as Jill Stanek and her fellow honorees.