Give Peace, Er, Obama A Chance?

It wasn’t all bad news from Washington last week.  Now we have two Secretaries of State and, strictly speaking, only one of them is financially beholden to fanatical Islamic regimes.

Old friends are chiding me for my premature condemnation of the Obama administration, citing the “hopeful people all over the world . . . ” and  “a million cheering people at the inauguration…”.  Uh, yeah.  Or was it 1.8 million?  That’s not quite the four million that were initially expected (or feared), and, besides, how do we know?  Our Zionist-controlled Park Service was accused of drastically underestimating the number of folks who showed up for the “Million Man March” organized by Louis Farrakhan and Benjamin Muhammad in 1995.  Congress’ solution to this outrage was to forbid the Park Service from estimating crowd numbers.  The truth won’t set you free if you’re not permitted to know it.  To paraphrase Yogi Berra, “It’s 1984 all over again.”  We’ll just have to rely on MSNBC’s more objective headcount.

Cheering, hopeful, desperate people. I’m a history junkie.  Old black-and-white newsreels keep replaying in my mind:  Lenin, Mussolini, Hitler.  I’m old enough to have watched Fidel’s triumphant entry into Havana half a century ago.  Call me paranoid, but cheering, hopeful people give me the heebie-jeebies, and mindless adulation intensifies the sensation.  People are “desperate,” but levels of “desperation” vary with time and place.  Our newspapers are not selling for 50,000 rubles a copy.  America hasn’t found it necessary to print $10,000 bills to enable people to buy a carton of milk. If you leave a bushel basket of currency on your front stoop and return a minute later ,you will not find the money blowin’ in the wind and the basket stolen.

Yes, unemployment is high.  Investments are down, including those retirement nest eggs so many of us thought were secure.  The Dow got its Inaugural “bounce” all right — below 8,000 — and gold is again tickling $900 per troy ounce.  People are economizing, and folks who shouldn’t have been approved for home loans in the first place are in foreclosure.  

The silver lining in these dark clouds?  Dick Cheney’s conspiracy with the oil robber barons to raise gasoline to $5 a gallon has fizzled miserably.

“Give Obama a chance” is another mantra.  “Help him succeed.”  Enough, already.  He has his “chance,” but defining “success” in these tough times is another matter — one as dicey as defining “change” — something The One never managed to do.  Or did I miss it?  

If success means ending and reversing our downward economic spiral, what will be the cost of the President’s plan?  Deficits in the billions once made people nervous.  Now it’s raining money and “trillions” are routinely thrown around by politicians who don’t seem to care that this wealth has not yet been created, merely borrowed against our increasingly tenuous future.  Last I heard, the President told us not to worry about the deficit for the next two years.  All right.  But when can we start worrying?  Stay tuned for further reassurances.

I guess I’m a cynic as well as a paranoiac.  I don’t give a rat’s rump whether Obama succeeds; we need America to succeed and his adoring crowds don’t seem to know that there’s a difference.  You don’t borrow your way out of insolvency.  You pay debt down and dig yourself out slowly, usually painfully.  Bailouts make about as much sense as repudiating the national debt — not that there isn’t a deliciously wicked appeal in that notion.  RINOs will line up and “reach out” across the Congressional aisles to avoid being called “obstructionist” at a time when obstruction may temporarily be the best we can do.  

Obama is making ready the jerry cans to empty on the flames of our deteriorating economy.  We don’t need Republicans to fan the fires.  We still have the filibuster.  Dig your heels in, guys and gals.  Earn your pay in the context Creighton Abrams did at the Battle of the Bulge.  The future general said of the Germans, “They’ve got us surrounded again, the poor bastards.”

Dick Morris writes that, when Bill Clinton left office, those dependent on the dole amounted to 14 million women and children on AFDC.  Now about one-third of the electorate pays no taxes.  If Obama “succeeds” by methods amounting to collectivization, those who pay no taxes and receive welfare will soon be in the majority.  Adam Smith, where are you when we really need you?  Even if Obama is considered a failure by 2012, or perhaps 2010, he will have his way for at least the next two years.  His plans to further socialize major elements of our economy will have effects on our banking and business systems and on our welfare, taxation, and health care policies that will likely prove as sacrosanct and untouchable as Social Security and Medicare, regardless of future prospects for Republican candidates.

“He will have to govern from the center,” I hear from friends.  I am not alone in having noticed that the center has listed to port considerably in recent times, so much so that Karl Marx might approve of policies emanating therefrom.  To paraphrase Talleyrand, the center “is a matter of dates.”  His mandate is considerable, his lock on Congress secure.  He will whip Koufax-style fastballs past us in the name of recovery with a wink and a nod to his collectivist constituency, and we’ll be farther down the road to serfdom faster than you can say Friedrich Hayek.

I am also very concerned about how Obama will handle the new climate crisis brought about by global cooling.  This is a cause near and dear to me, and I’ve been doing all someone of modest means can do about it by trying to leave behind me when I go the largest carbon footprint I can create so everyone will know I was here.  Will he spend another umptyninegazillion bucks we don’t have to stop global warming before he notices that the laws of nature and of nature’s God are handling the problem quite nicely?  In any event:  in your hat, Al Gore.

The President is a man blessed with intelligence, ability, and energy.  If only he  had a vision of America that was not Vladimir Lenin’s humanized by Pollyanna and interpreted by Mother Goose.