DeMint Calls for Republicans to Take a Stand

“This is not change you can believe in,” said Sen. Jim DeMint of Barack Obama’s stimulus plan at a Heritage Foundation briefing on Tuesday.  “This is business as usual in Washington.”

The South Carolina Republican, and other Republicans, are taking a stand against the $825-billion bailout plan. He said that since the conservatives are in the minority now, the way to get things done is to “take things to the people.” He believes that one of the ways conservatives can do this is through blogging and by pushing the new website These methods are helping to “drive the political process” and are making people aware exactly what is in the stimulus plan.

DeMint warned in a statement that appeared in Columbia, South Carolina’s newspaper The State that President Obama is catering to Republicans for their support of the plan by including $300 billion in tax relief. Which DeMint called “junk food for our starving economy.” He urged Republicans and Americans alike to take a look at what the plan actually entails and ask that “the largest economic stimulus bill in history actually stimulate the economy.”

Two economists with The Heritage Foundation, J.D. Foster and William Beach, released a strategy on what the American economy needs and DeMint believes that Republicans need to get behind it.
Foster and Beach believe that Americans need to protect the economy from the tax hikes that will spring in 2011 and then take the step to lower tax rates on “individuals, small businesses and corporations.” They have found that money actually works when it is used in the private sector.

DeMint believes that Republicans who jump on board the current stimulus plan would set back their party’s fight against future bailouts. DeMint had nothing but disgust for those who are doing so, saying, “Republicans who embrace these ineffectual tax cuts will deserve the inevitable consequences they suffer at the polls. Conservatives need to snap out of their November Blues: We lost an election, after all, not our minds.”