Stop Shoving Obama Down Our Throats

Memo to Mainstream Media:

Stop shoving Obama down our throats. It’s not good for the United States. In the end it’s not good for him.

No space needs to be taken up here to provide examples of the mainstream media’s unyielding affection for the new leader. There are too many to list. In ordinary times, it might not matter that so-called journalists choose to become toadies and roadies for the president’s band.

But we are in a place and time where we need the President of the United States to have a successful administration, as defined by economic growth, not the growth of a personality cult.  We want an ailing economy to get healthier. But some of us don’t see how the personality cult being watered and fed daily by the mainstream media is going to produce that result. It may create the opposite if the policies being initiated by the new President are blindly followed by people too timid to say no to the great orator.  

If I believed the idol worship of Obama was the best way to create airlift for the Gross Domestic Product, I would head straight for Kool Aid River and have myself baptized.  

The centerpiece of the Obama plan appears to be printing billions of greenbacks to give handouts to those who don’t pay taxes and to inefficiently purchase temporary income for some of those are out of work by pumping money into so-called infrastructure projects.

In a time of economic difficulty brought on by excessive leveraging, a new kind of excess is being suggested. Does anyone truly think that borrowing $400,000 to create a $40,000 job is any more intelligent than the kind of bubble economics Wall Streeters have been pursuing for the last decade? If it was destructive to the country’s economy to pump up the paper on millions of homes backed by the ticking time bombs of toxic paper, is it not equally destructive to borrow, print, and burn one trillion dollars to create a trickle of jobs. Even a trickle may be too high a number.

The independent Congressional Budget Office can’t say whether the Trillion Dollar Obama plan will create any. If it damages the economy even further, and it could, it may cost several million jobs. Nobody knows. But what we ought to know is that fealty to a presidential personality cult may not be any more intelligent than the intellectually bankrupt obedience that had been offered the culture of Wall Street.

Are Barack Obama’s net job growth projections any more sound than the old ginned up numbers from Bear Stearns?

The global credit crunch has given rise to what would at first glance appear to be a new ideology. Call it infrastructuralism or infralism for those who believe that no brand with more than four syllables is worth having. Infralists like the Nobel Prize winning Paul Krugman of Princeton believe that no amount of money printed and distributed by the government can be too much at a time like this, especially if goes into infrastructure projects.

Now these just happen to be very Big Labor intensive. One can understand the Democrat party’s desire to make sure no labor boss is left behind. But we are all being asked to leverage our faith in the economics of the past in order to create a better future.  I am willing to extend a hand if Nancy Pelosi is willing to unclench her fist.
The closer one looks at Infralism, the more it begins to look like the failed big government liberalism of the past. The new president in his high-toned, highly-praised — and essentially vacuous — inaugural address told us to stop worrying about growing the government. But he never explained how suspending our concern about it would arrest the economic consequences.  

Great oratory can solve some things. It is true that we have had an oratory deficit for the last eight years, and the new President can fill that vacuum. But pear-shaped presidential intonations cannot repeal the laws of economics. It is only right that the right put the country on notice that the new leader may be spending his vast political capital and the nation’s tax dollars on a program that receives its highest marks from the Democrat axis of evil: Big  Media, Big Labor, and Big Barney Frank.

Republicans need to find the stomach to push back on the notion that every legislative pork chop stamped stimulus is good for the United States. Drinking the political Kool Aid may appear at the moment to be politically convenient. But, as conservatives ought to know, sentimental convenience is a confection that, while pleasing to the palate, may become rather nettlesome to the nether regions.

Americans who have been forced to swallow too many foul confections of late, some of them wrapped in the catchy little phrase “too big to fail.” But “too big to fail” is intended to shut down rational discussion. We are now being told that no government deficit is too big if the goal is pure. Our greatest concern for social unrest may be down the road. If the Obama agenda being lubricated by Kool Aid turns out to be an abysmal failure, criticism of him will be inevitable, and if that happens, some of the chief carriers of the Kool Aid in the mainstream media will attack the critics and accuse them of trying to undermine America’s first post-racial President.

The question,”Is the President too cool to fail?” is one that I hope we never have to deal with.