Republicans Should Stop Trying to Humor Obama

"We just have a difference here, and I’m president,” said Obama after his first meeting with the Republican leadership on the stimulus package.

Rahm Emanuel said Obama was being lighthearted in his comment and that lawmakers of both parties had laughed. But on the inside Republicans weren’t laughing.

After crushing defeats in two election cycles it will be almost impossible to get a conservative agenda through on any level. They are at very low numbers and hanging on by a thread in the Senate.

With all the respect I can muster, I understand the situation but Republicans cannot continue to flap in the breeze.

President Obama and those who support him in the Media, the House and the Senate are going to characterize any opposition to his agenda — no matter what — as undermining the mandate.

Republicans and conservatives be not afraid. RINOS (Republicans in name only) need to become extinct and here’s how it will happen. We need to be intolerant of them trying to humor President Obama. We have to get back to the basics. Cutting taxes and making government smaller, that’s the ticket.

Obama is not going to give you anything without a fight: “it’s the Chicago way.” Take your case to the people the way the Senator McCain took the surge debate to the people. Be proud of being conservatives and what conservatives have accomplished in this country and define accountability by being accountable to your constituents. Barack Obama did not win the presidency by being a liberal: he won it by concealing his liberal record and ideology.

About a year ago, I interviewed Gene Duffy, one of Barack Obama’s biggest fundraisers and donors over the years. At that time Obama was moving a bit to the right and he told me his personal philosophy was as a leftist. In fact, Duffy said, “I’m a leftist, but I know that to win, Sen. Obama has to move to the center.”

Obama won the presidency by promising tax cuts and efficient government — he took conservative ideas and communicated them clearly. The big lie is he promised government as the answer to everything while saying government is not the answer to everything and he never got called on it.

The Republican leadership and the Republican members need to keep pushing conservative values. As one Congressman said, “a minority in the House plus the American people is a majority every time.” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell needs to get his conservative gloves on and have a meeting with the Northeast Republican Senators and get them on board on taxes, national security and size of government.

The stimulus package as presented Friday will not work. It didn’t work in FDR’s time, it didn’t work in Japan in the 1990’s and it’s not working now. At some point, we are going to have to let this economy land and then build it back.

Republican leaders, we are with you and we are waiting to see you return to your roots. 1994 was not that long ago. Remember what worked and what didn’t and build on that. It’s not a go along to get along time in our history; it’s a time to fight for conservative values.