Decoding the Stimulus Bill

Nobody — members of Congress or citizens around the nation – knows what is in the enormous “economic stimulus” bill the Democrats are trying to ram through this week.  But a new website – – gives people a critical tool to help find out. 

The site presents the legislation in a searchable PDF format and is updated as soon as new information is released.  As of now the site provides at least 1,588 pages of the legislation. You can search the documents by topics that interest you and can comment on what you read.
The site has partnered with organizations such as The Heritage Foundation, Red State, Taxpayers for Common Sense and many more. Because of these partnerships the site provides in depth analysis from these organizations on the different aspects of the legislation.

Another key feature of the site is the easy access of it. The creators want bloggers and online publishers to be able to link directly to pages of the bill and have provided a format in which to do this.

Be sure to check it out and learn exactly what Congress wants to use your money for: