Abortion Stimulus

Two days after he raises his hand to take the oath of office, Barack Obama will look outside his new home and see millions of Americans marching down Pennsylvania Avenue in defense of life.  

In 2008, well over a million babies’ lives were ended through abortion; over 40 million babies have been aborted since 1973.  Thirty-four states now have regulations on abortion, such as parental consent and other laws.  While all the talk in Washington is about passing a stimulus plan that pulls us out of the financial crisis, few realize that President Obama’s plans on abortion will be a stimulus for abortion on demand.  

During the campaign, Obama promised Planned Parenthood that one of his first priorities as President would be to sign the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA), which allows for taxpayer funding of abortion, overrules all state regulation of abortion, and could force Catholic and other faith-based hospitals to provide abortion services that are contrary to their mission. At a time when we are contemplating a trillion dollar bailout to save a struggling economy, why should American taxpayers, concerned about their jobs and after having lost 30-40 percent of their retirement, now be forced to pay for abortion?

And what happened to Obama’s call for more regulation of big business? After Roe v. Wade, even pro-choice Americans quickly realized some type of regulation of abortion was needed.  With the abortion industry building itself into a billion-dollar business, it was all too easy for abortion providers to ignore the spirit of the law and instead provide abortion-on-demand during all nine months of pregnancy.  

Investigations found that many abortion providers would push abortion on women without properly informing them of the physical risks, the emotional toll it could take on them, the alternatives to abortion, and whether their child was developed enough to be adopted without having to end life.  All of this was neglected because there was a financial incentive for the abortionist to make sure that the abortion happened no matter what, rather than making sure the woman exercised her right to an informed choice.  

Abortionists don’t make money if the woman chooses life.

In addition, people began to realize that child predators who impregnated their young victims were able to cover up their crimes by exploiting the lack of parental notification laws.  It seemed ridiculous that it was illegal for a 15-year-old girl to get a cough drop from her school nurse without parental consent, but it was completely legal for her abuser to take her to a shady abortion clinic to have a surgical abortion without any concerned adult ever knowing about it at all.

The result of these and other abuses coming to light in the years following Roe v. Wade has been 35 years of reasonable regulations that have been supported by both pro-life and pro-choice Americans.  Parental consent laws, notification laws, waiting periods, and other regulations have been enacted to make sure that the abuses mentioned above are eliminated from the abortion industry. They help ensure that women and girls are truly protected and that their right to an informed choice is not ignored by the prospect of making an easy 500 bucks for a 15 minute procedure.  Polls consistently show that overwhelming numbers of Americans support these regulations.

With all the talk of stimulus packages in Washington, FOCA is one stimulus plan the American people don’t want, don’t need, and can’t afford.