Nugent for Drug Czar

One of the most dangerous places on earth is our own 2,000 mile border with Mexico. Our southern border is a drug war zone, and we are losing the fight. Know it.

So dangerous is our border that Arizona Governor Napolitano has declared a state of emergency along the Arizona/Mexico border due to drug trafficking, shootouts and an increasing illegal immigration invasion.

Our Justice Department stated in April that Mexican drug cartels are the “largest threat to both citizens and law enforcement agencies in this country and now have gang members in nearly 200 U.S. cities.” This in the big, bad, brave United States of America! How can this be? DOJ admits it, so now what?

There isn’t a city in America that has not been scorched by drug-related violence.

In 2008, the Mexican drug cartels killed more than 4,000 people. Almost 500 Mexican police officers and soldiers have been murdered since January 2007. It is a nonstop orgy of vicious, violent crimes against law-abiding Americans living along that border and increasing acts of violence against our Border Patrol agents. This is unbelievable and totally unacceptable.

The drug cartels are extremely well financed and armed. They are as evil an adversary as the voodoo terrorist Taliban our soldiers face in Afghanistan.

President Obama has stated he will go after the cartels and increase efforts to combat gang-related crime. Good. But he had better be prepared to wage war with them with more than just soaring rhetoric.

I am aware there are prominent conservatives who make strong arguments in favor of legalizing drugs. Their argument is that legalizing drugs will take the crime out of drugs. Not only do I not believe that, but I have never been in favor of pouring gas on a blazing fire in hopes of extinguishing it, which is what I believe will happen if ever we are foolish enough to legalize drug use in America.

We have all the laws we need to fight drugs. What America needs is the will-power and a renewed warrior spirit to crush evil and evil doers.

We need a Drug Czar who will commit to the American people to stopping at least 50% of the illegal drugs flowing into the country within the first year of the Obama Administration. That’s the kind of leadership America wants and deserves from its government.

Call me, President Obama. Hippies, dope heads, corrupt politicos and various other human debris hate me, which makes me the perfect man for the job.

As Drug Czar, I would charge our mayors and police departments to commit to fighting the drug gangs their top priority. Our inner cities will remain war zones until we commit to taking the trash out.

America needs to better arm our Border Patrol agents and we need more of them. The governors of the border states should call out the National Guard to assist the Border Patrol in securing the border. As Drug Czar, I would challenge them to do this today.

I would work with the Mexican government and other Central American nations to root out and arrest and/or kill the drug kingpins and their underlings. Working with the Columbian government a few years back, U.S. Special Forces filled Pablo Escobar full of bullet holes. Until assuming room temperature, Escobar was one of the world’s richest
cocaine smugglers and controlled 80% of all the cocaine shipped into America.

I am not naïve enough to believe we can ever fully eradicate drugs. However, as America’s Drug Czar, I would put a big hurt on the drug kingpins and consumers like they have never seen. Every American who smokes dope, manufactures, buys or sells meth or uses any illegal drugs is aiding and abetting the enemies of America. Case closed. This spiritual inbreeding and cannibalism must be identified, admitted to and stopped immediately. America can, and must do this. Good over evil. Next.