Questions She Needs To Answer

Sen. Hillary Clinton sits down before fellow senators Tuesday in a hearing to confirm her as the next secretary of state. Clinton has prepped for a series of weighty inquiries on Iraq, Afghanistan, Middle East peace talks, and Iran’s and North Korea’s pursuit of nuclear arsenals.

What she likely will not receive are still unanswered questions about her string of ethical lapses, dating back to her time as Arkansas first lady, and then as the nation’s first lady and subsequent junior senator from New York.

Scandals have dogged her career, yet never taken a bite. She skates through and around them without ever fully explaining her conduct. When the special prosecutor sought her billing records from her days as a Rose law firm attorney, he was told the documents were missing. Then, magically, they appeared in the White House living quarters. The first lady said she had no clue as to how.

As Judicial Watch, the self-styled corruption fighter in Washington, said of the senator, “Hillary Clinton is among the most corrupt politicians in our nation’s history. She devised a scheme to sell taxpayer financed trade missions to Communist China in exchange for campaign contributions. She presided over the theft of the private FBI files of former Reagan and Bush staffers. She led the campaign to slander the women sexually and otherwise abused by President Clinton, and has lied time and time again to investigators, to her colleagues, to the press and to the American people.”

Dick Morris, a former Bill Clinton adviser who writes anti-Hillary books, once said, “Hillary Clinton I would compare to Richard Nixon. There is the same quality of ruthlessness and chip on her shoulder and enemies list and ‘vast right-wing conspiracy’ and ‘world is against us’ and all that stuff.”

In Clinton’s failed bid for president, the Barack Obama team hit her legacy of scandals, demanding she release tax returns and other records. “What is lurking in those documents?” asked Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs.

HUMAN EVENTS compiled 10 questions senators should ask during the confirmation hearing. Afterall, Clinton’s character as the national’s top ambassador is pertinent to her ability to run a large bureaucracy and win the trust of disparate world leaders. To our knowledge, this will be the first time a congressional committee will have the opportunity to ask Clinton anything it wants about her tainted record in Arkansas and Washington.

QUESTION ONE: How were you able to turn a 10,000 percent profit in eight months in 1978 on a cattle futures investment of $1,000? Even Bernard Madoff would like to know.

QUESTION TWO: Why did you give a “factually false” statement, as the special prosecutor labeled it, when you denied any role in the unjust firings of seven White House travel office employees. In fact, you played a direct role in the ousters as you and other Clintonites tried to “clean house” at the White House.

QUESTION THREE: Why did you direct employees to transfer the secret FBI background reports on staffs of Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush and bring them to the White House. If you say you had no role, why should we believe you (See question 2). And did you read any of the files?

QUESTION FOUR: What was your role in the smear campaign launched by your husband’s aides against Gennifer Flowers, Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones and other Bill girlfriends.

QUESTION FIVE: In the waning hours of his presidency, your husband pardoned Marc Rich, a fugitive indicted for failure to pay federal income taxes. The clemency came after his wife, Denise Rich, contributed to your 2000 Senate campaign. Please explain your role in the Rich pardon fiasco.

QUESTION SIX: Why did you fail to disclose $2 million in campaign contributions for your first Senate run relating to an extravagant Hollywood fundraiser. The Federal Election Commission fined your campaign $35,000, and an aide was indicted.

QUESTION SEVEN: What favors have you doled out to the who’s who of rich international businessmen and leaders who contributed millions to former President Bill Clinton’s foundation.

QUESTION EIGHT: You told a demonstrated lie about one of your missions overseas as first lady.

“I remember landing under sniper fire,” you said. “There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base.”

In fact, news footage showed you disembarking to a greeting party which lingered on the tarmac as you talked with soldiers. If you cannot tell the truth about a trip to Bosnia as first lady, how can we believe what you tell us about your visits overseas as secretary of state?

QUESTION NINE: As senator, you voted for a use-of-force resolution for Iraq. But when the war went bad and no weapons of mass destruction were found, you claimed the vote never authorized President Bush to go to war. Please tells us how you are competent to serve as top diplomat when you do not understand the wording of important legislation?

QUESTION TEN: Oh yes, how did those subpoenaed Whitewater billing records materialize in your living quarters with your finger prints?