No Endorsement for RNC Chair

Several conservatives have asked us whether we join our sister company — — in their endorsement of Ken Blackwell in the campaign for the chairmanship of the Republican National Committee. We do not.

HUMAN EVENTS has several friends in this race — Michigan Chairman Saul Anuzis and South Carolina Chairman Katon Dawson to name just two — and has declined to endorse anyone.

We hope the RNC members will see the dangers in continuing to appease the so-called “moderate” (i.e., “RINO”) wing of the party and return decisively to the conservative principles that are the foundational strengths of the party.

We are not sure that Mr. Blackwell, whom we respect greatly and with whom we have a longstanding friendship, is the strongest or best conservative in the race. The conservative credentials, communication skills, and managerial abilities of the candidates are what we hope will be the foremost question on the minds of the 168-member Republican National Committee when it selects its next chairman at its winter meeting January 28-31.