Israel's Path To Peace

There comes a point when violence is clearly the only answer. Peace most often throughout history is achieved through the application of relentless and superior firepower. Now is such a time for Israel.

Israel must defeat utterly the rabid, voodoo vermin known as Hamas. After launching more than three thousand rockets and mortars into Israel within the last year, Israel has every right and obligation to destroy Hamas. No nation can be expected to tolerate such a bombardment.

Cease-fires and negotiations never last with terrorist scumpunks because evil, hateful terrorists do not want to live in peace: they worship violence and don’t see their opponents — be it us or the Israelis — as human beings. Hamas, Hizballah and other soulless people such as Iran’s Ahmadinijad apply vicious religious voodoo logic by believing killing non-Muslims, especially Jews, pleases Allah. Never forget these voodoo killers have vowed the complete destruction of Israel.

The world should know that Hamas started this latest round of violence by launching missiles into Israel. A December 29 article in the New York Times reported that Hamas has fired over 10,000 rockets and mortars into Israel since 2001. Failing to destroy Hamas today will only embolden these cockroaches to launch even more rockets and mortars at Israel tomorrow.

Let us be honest: mankind will be much better off when Israel destroys Hamas’ strongholds in Gaza and captures or kills all of the Hamas militants and those who support them. Like all cockroaches, the only good terrorist is a dead one.

Total warfare is the answer if Israel is committed to protecting its people and breaking the back of the Hamas terrorists and the network that supports them. Not the kind of Donald Rumsfeld "Shock & Awe-shucks" selective warfare, but rather the General Sherman "scorched earth" military policies that broke the back of the Confederacy during our Civil War.

Israel shouldn’t stop its offensive until the Hamas terrorists are dead and those who support terrorism accept the fact that they’ve been defeated. Wipe them out. That would send a powerful message to other terrorist scumpunks, voodoo regimes, despots and tyrants; "Don’t tread on me."

By intentionally sacrificing much of Gaza and as many of their voodoo stooges as possible, Hamas is hoping to unite the Arab world against Israel and start another all-out war. Not surprisingly, terrorist leaders from Iran and Hizballah support Hamas. Punks of a terrorist feather flock together and should be shot down like the toxic crows that they are.

As I write this, Israel has so far turned a deaf ear to international pressure from the white-flag-waving French to suspend their air assault on Hamas. Good. Listening to the French is rarely a good idea. And they’ve done just what they should by sending ground forces in to root out the Hamas networks, seize or destroy their arsenal of missiles and defeat them decisively.

One of the biggest problems Israel and America face is the fact that Hamas and other terrorist groups find safe havens among the terrorist nations. Khaled Meshaal, the head of Hamas, isn’t sticking his scrawny neck out in Gaza. He lives in comfort and safety in Damascus, Syria. Which means Israel can’t win in Gaza without going into Syria and taking out the terrorist networks there. Hamas isn’t alone in Syria: the biggest and most dangerous terrorist organization — the Iranian-backed Hizballah — is there, too.

In truth, Israel can’t win in Gaza: but it can win in Syria and Iran.

Peace remains the ultimate objective in the Middle East, but rabid dogs such as the militants who compose Hamas, Hezbollah and dangerous regimes such as Iran can not, must not be tolerated by civilized nations and and true peace-loving people. These voodoo-inspired terrorists must have no seat at the peace table because they do not respect peace.

Peace can sometimes only be achieved through superior firepower. The civilized world must completely support Israel in their efforts to exterminate Hamas and end its operations for good and all. What say you, Mr. President-elect? Whose side are you on?