Despite Obama, Pelosi Is Still In Charge

The 111th Congress will hit the ground running in January with an ambitious schedule that corresponds with the opportunities and challenges that we face as a country…The opening days of the Congress will be intense. Thanks to your leadership and unity of the caucus, I know that we will be ready. ~ Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi in an e-mail to the Democratic Caucus

We may think the first black president will be sworn in on January 20, but Ms. Pelosi has some news for the would-be President Obama — there’s a woman in charge. Obama hasn’t been willing to spend his political capital to guide the Dems in their headlong rush to bail out the economy, so Pelosi has filled the vacuum.  She and Obama are meeting in Washington this week to talk about their agenda. I’d love to be a fly on the wall in the meeting between the President-elect and the Speaker.  It might go something like this:

Pelosi: Okay, Barack.  Let me tell you what we have planned so you can start talking it up.

Obama: Uh — er — you know — What?

Pelosi: I have it all worked out so you don’t have to worry your pretty little head about it. We’re doing this my way or the highway…

Obama: Uh — er — you know — hold on — (yelling) Michellllllle!

Since the middle of September, we have gone from a country that values success and hard work to a country with a Congress that believes failure should be rewarded and success should be penalized.  Sadly, not all the fault lies with the Democrats.

President Bush and Treasury Secretary Paulson told us that the credit crisis was unsustainable in September.  The truth is the bailout culture is unsustainable to our way of life.  But it’s a liberal nirvana that Pelosi aims to perpetuate.

Every industry, every state and local government, and even the Fourth Estate is lining up for a piece of Nancy’s Trillion Dollar Pie. Government-run newspapers?  That’s a nice thought. Nancy is for it all, and she’s bringing the lemming Congressional Democrats with her. There’s not much a conservative Republican can do to stop it. The irony is Pelosi is setting up her own Madoff Ponzi scheme.  There is no way we can pay all of this back.  Her Highness, the High Priestess of the Church of Obama-Nation, doesn’t want America to be restored to its free-market glory.  She wants a union member in every home and a union shop at every business.

The “stimulus” is called an “investment program,” but in fact it will be taking money that we don’t have from people who haven’t made it yet and giving it to businesses, states and cities that are failing.  There is no discussion of tax credits, tax cuts or the famous tax cut to 95% of Americans President-elect Obama promised and ran on in the election.  Seems like “déjà vu all over again.” President Clinton reneged on his middle class tax cut, and now it looks like the Obama team is going to do the same thing, in record time.  Nancy and Barack really believe that they can do a better job with your money than you can. And with every word and every action, they are proving it.

Pelosi let her troops know that there will be no rest for the weary when the 111th Congress convenes on January 6. On Monday, they decided who to punish by assigning committee appointments  Rep. Barney Frank wasn’t relieved of his duties since he sat by and watched Rome burn.

Soon the cavalcade of economic stars will do a kind of perp walk to the Hill and tell us how the sky is falling unless we spend $1 trillion more of your money.  Mark Zandi, Robert Reich, Martin Feldstein, Norm Augustine and Maria T. Zuber — not a free marketer among them — will testify in hearing before the Steering and Policy Committee.  And that’s likely the only hearing Pelosi will allow before bringing a monstrosity that no one but her staff has read to the floor for a vote.

Where are the Republicans in all of this?  They are trying to be heard.  Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell issued a statement Friday calling to protect the taxpayer against the rush to spend their money. McConnell’s logic fell on deaf Democratic ears. Then House Minority Leader John Boehner has basically acknowledged Republicans are impotent on the matter by saying only the measure would “get little debate or scrutiny.”  That’s reassuring.  There is a silver lining, though.  Not one that can stop this juggernaut, but one that is the hope for the future of the Republican Caucus. Watch the Republican Study Committee and guys like Congressmen Tom Price, Nathan Deal and Lynn Westmoreland.  They aren’t household names — yet — but they are conservatives that aren’t afraid to continue to espouse conservative values, and, in the end, they will be shown to be right.

In the meantime, it is going to be Nancy’s way, and President-elect Obama better get used to it.  At least for now, he needs her.  She’s got the legislative experience that he lacks, and he can’t pass what he wants with out her support.  If you can’t be the first woman president, then it’s almost as good to be the woman in charge of the House of Representatives.