Another Stupid Question from a CNN Propaganda Minister

Jack Cafferty’s blog on asked the following question: “Gaza Conflict: Is Pres.-Elect Obama’s Silence a Mistake?"

The last time I wrote about Cafferty’s stupidity, I was selected by his friend Keith Olbermann as the “worst person in the world.”

Olbermann called me to task for comparing Jack’s loaded question about John McCain to a type of statement that would have rolled off the lips of Adolf Hitler’s propaganda minister Dr. Joseph Gobbels. The “Babelsberg Stud” was famous for believing that “if you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

Risking Olbermann’s wrath again, Mr. Cafferty’s question is again stupid and politically motivated.

President-elect Obama, when asked about the Israeli incursion into Gaza, rightfully commented that “there is one president at a time.” Good for him. His remark was presidential and supportive of a smooth transition. He did not contribute to undermining the current president and any possible policy maneuvers by officials currently in office.

To be sure, I can’t get inside of Mr. Cafferty’s head. The psychological incursion turns me off. I can say, however, with a modicum of certainty that Mr. Cafferty was not looking for Obama to support President’s Bush’s position that Israel has the right to defend itself and that the Hamas are terrorists.

A lefty like Mr. Cafferty was looking to open his blog to all that would condemn Obama. Why else would he ask the question? He’s a staunch supporter of Obama. Maybe he doesn’t get a tingle down his leg like Chris Matthews, but he sure isn’t a fan of President Bush or Israel.

Mr. Cafferty asked the question in order to get the bloggers to spew their hatred for all that is self-defense, Israel, and America. Mr. Cafferty wants to stimulate all lefties to question Obama’s silence. In doing so, he would contribute to moving his political agenda, which is to condemn the Jewish state for what he and others at CNN believe is the inhumane treatment of Palestinians. The lefties at CNN take every opportunity to show pictures of injured civilians when they know full well that the Israelis like the Americans take extraordinary measures to protect human life.

Yes, Mr. Cafferty, you are indeed’s propaganda minister. In asking your loaded questions, you try to promote your own leftist political agenda. Worse yet, you imply that Obama’s silence is wrong and downright dangerous to America when politicians on both sides of the aisle support Israel’s right to self defense.

Go ahead, Mr. Olbermann, "Make my day."