HUMAN EVENTS' 2008 'Ins and Outs'

Every year brings change we can believe in, mostly in the form of disasters both natural and political. This year wasn’t entirely a disaster, but close enough for our taste. And next year promises to be worse. On that cheery note, here’s HUMAN EVENTS’ “Ins and Outs of 2008.”

Vaclav Klaus Al Gore
RINO Hunting RINOs
Rhambo Rambo
Proposition 8 Gay marriage
Bailouts Free Market Capitalism
Keith Olbermann Ritalin
Rick Warren Jeremiah Wright
Newt Gingrich John McCain
Dick Morris Eliot Spitzer
Jonas Brothers Lehman Brothers
Sarah Palin Ron Paul
Jury Verdicts O.J.
Smith & Wesson DC Handgun Ban
Illinois senators connected to Tony Rezko Illinois governors connected to Tony Rezko
Kevin Farley Michael Moore
Megyn Kelly Alan Colmes
Constitutional rights for terrorists Gitmo
Robert Rubin Bernard Madhoff
Republican Study Committee Republican National Committee
Palin glasses Pants suits
Biden hair-plugs Edwards hair-dos
Michael Phelps French relay team
Rush Limbaugh Colin Powell
Usain Bolt Plaxico Burress
Raelians Dennis Kucinich
Hillary Bill
Sarko Blago
“Green jobs” Real jobs
Eric Cantor Roy Blunt
Somali pirates Johnny Depp
Harvey Milk Barney Frank
Gen. Jim Jones Dow Jones
Whining Phil Gramm
Home Forclosures Mortgage refinancing
Corrupt, big spending Democrats Corrupt, big-spending Republicans
Vladimir Putin Vladimir Putin
Sonar Whales
“Drill, baby, drill” “Si, si puede”
“I’ve abandoned free-market principles to save the free-market system.” “It became necessary to destroy the village in order to save it.”
David Gregory Meet the Press