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Check out HUMAN EVENTS' best headline images of 2008 and meet the artist behind the designs...


HUMAN EVENTS’ Top Images of 2008

Check out HUMAN EVENTS’ best headline images of 2008 and meet the artist behind the designs…

On Election Day 2008, Rob Hudgins of 50/50 Design created his 400th headline image for Human To honor Rob’s fantastic work, we’ve brought back a few of our favorite headline images for an end-of-the-year tribute (click on the image to read the accompanying article).

50/50 Design is a graphic and web design studio led by president/creative director Rob Hudgins. The studio will celebrate its 10 year anniversary in 2009. Read more about Rob and his company at the end of the article.

Thanks for all you do, Rob! While we look back at the best of 2008, here’s to more fantastic images in 2009.

More about Rob and 50/50 Design

Rob started 50/50 Design in early 1999 after a successful tenure as the creative director for the magazine group at Potomac, MD-based Phillips International, a leading international publisher. While heading the design department, Rob oversaw the creative direction of nine magazines, redesigned seven magazines and worked closely with the web development team as well.

50/50 Design’s web development team builds "out of the box" websites, which includes working closely with clients to create and implement an effective design/development plan. Close collaboration with clients is a hallmark of 50/50 Design.

See more of Rob’s work at

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