Parson Mac's Muse: Mediaocrity

R.I.P. Journalistic Integrity. If this year’s coverage of the presidential candied dates were any indication, the Hypocrisy Aristocracy that is the Elite Media with an agenda has murdered you, hid the body, and forgotten all about you. Thank the Good Lord for the Conservative Blogosphere and talk radio!

Consider this an entry for the website Wikipedia
To define the new direction of the Mediocre Media
Though it’s a little tricky (I don’t want to start a war)
For the media’s BARELY EVEN mediocre anymore!

Mediocrity is something (though it’s hardly worth aspiring)
And to reach it leftist pundits need a cause that’s worth perspiring
But the only thing that got ‘em off their duffs throughout the year
Was a winkin’ thinkin’ hockey-mom Alaskans love to cheer.

All the energy they poured into forensic scrutinizing
All the Couri-Ober-Matthew-Shuster’s high falutin’izing
All the seedy underhanded plumbers they were hirin’
And ALL they found to “journal” was a twerpy trooper firin’?!?

Just imagine for a moment, what manure would alight
Had the same expense and scrutiny were brought to bear on Wright
Why, the moment they got started they would tarnish the Messiah
So only ‘racist bigots’ looked at ‘Reverend’ Jeremiah.

If the hypocrite aristocrat’s elitist snobby views
Didn’t plumb so perfect with those Leftist Lenin views
Perhaps they could have brought themselves to even “put on Ayers”
But that would cause some trouble with some certain billionaires.

But the clip that takes the cake and nails the Journal Coffin
Is Matthew’s frank admission that he’s quittin’ all his scoffin’
Oh it’s so important that we all support the Prez!
If this country’s gonna’ work
…” – That’s what Mr. Goofball says!

So Rest In Peace thou MSM*, thy journalism’s dead
With objectivity all gone–you’re Lap Dog’s Inc., instead
(I know… that’s not original and tinged too much with shame)
So try this one on for size… Pravda be thy name!

*Diss Claimer: MSM — Acronym for Main Stream Media (not to be confused with Main Stream Morons except… uhmm… where applicable…)