Traitor Tamm

I’ve got a big problem with newspapers who put American lives at risk by publishing our nation’s secrets. But that’s nothing compared to what I think should be done to the people — trusted people within our government — who leak our secrets.

If I can borrow a little from by blood brother Willie Nelson, we should send ‘em all to their Maker and he’ll settle ‘em down.

Government employees entrusted with our national secrets are morally, ethically, logically and legally required to keep them secret. Those employees who intentionally leak national secrets should — no, must — be charged with a crime and prosecuted with the seriousness of the offense. It is a federal felony to knowingly compromise national secrets.

Those who leak or sell government secrets are traitors, pure and simple. What I’ve never been able to understand is why the Justice Department can’t get the best FBI people to find these guys and prosecute them. None of the leakers — that’s right, not one of ‘em — has been prosecuted in the last eight years despite some of the hugest leaks ever.

Now we know the name of one of the leakers.

Thomas "the Traitor" Tamm, a former Department of Justice lawyer, tipped off the New York Times about a secret government operation conducted by the National Security Agency (NSA) to monitor and track potential terrorist maggots through their e-mail, phone calls and financial transactions. Traitor Tamm did this because, in his own words, "something didn’t smell right" about it.

I am a huge fan of whistleblowers wherever they may blow, but in the war on terror, national security is Job One for anyone with a soul.

What does smell right is that Traitor Tamm is a federal felon who deserves to be charged by the Department of Justice for compromising national secrets, and he’s still walking the streets.

Instead of vigorously reporting through his chain of command and appropriate federal government whistleblower chain of what he thought was potentially an illegal operation, Traitor Tamm instead disclosed the sensitive terrorist program to the New York Times, an entity whose allegiance is already suspect.

In some recent interviews with Newsweek, Traitor Tamm stated "I thought this was something the other branches of the government and the public ought to know about so they could decide: Do they want this massive spying program to be taking place?"

Traitor Tamm had worked in a secret unit that oversees surveillance of terrorist and espionage punks. Working with this secret unit is where Traitor Tamm discovered the highly sensitive NSA operation of tracking terrorists and potential terrorists in America through eavesdropping on international phone calls and e-mails.

It was not that Traitor Tamm was just concerned that the secret operation may be illegal that he illegally leaked the operation to the New York Times. I also read that Traitor Tamm was angry at the Bush Justice Department for aggressively pursuing death penalty cases and for interrogation techniques that some believe constitute torture. Ideological differences aside, it is never justification to leak classified information about government operations.

Traitor Tamm is really no different than any other spy such as Aldrich Ames who compromised national secrets for cash and got a number of our spies killed. Traitor Tamm leaked classified information because he did not like the odor of the program. Regardless of rational, Traitor Tamm is as guilty as Aldrich Ames.

The United States can not possibly hope to defeat those monsters who want to kill us if we have government employees with access to classified information who run to the press every time they come across classified information or programs that they may not agree with. Their moral, ethical and possibly legal objections to classified programs is never reason to leak it to the press. For that very reason, people who compromise classified information — for whatever reason — should be vigorously prosecuted. Failing to prosecute them will send the wrong message to others with access to our most sensitive information.

I encourage whistle blowers at all levels. God only knows we need more of them to expose the wasteful, toxic underbelly of Fedzilla. However, leaking classified information is something altogether different. Compromising classified information can get Americans killed and aid and abet our enemies. That is the worst sort of crime, and those who commit it should be sent away for life.

We can debate whether or not the NSA’s program was legal or not. What is not debatable is that Traitor Tamm leaked classified information and that is a felony.

Let us all hope and pray that Traitor Tamm’s compromising of the NSA’s secret program does not put America more at risk of a terrorist attack. And let’s hope that someone in the Justice Department gets off his behind and puts this guy in jail where he belongs.