Parson Mac's Muse: Blagojevich's Hair

Of course the man’s trolling for extra cash! Can you imagine what his hairspray bill must look like?!

Most of us have noticed now, Blagojevich’s hair
And many of you have wondered what on earth he keeps up there
Thanks to inside information (and this will get things buzzin’!)
I’ve learned the following details from his barber who’s my cousin!

His ‘doo is big enough to stash
Several wads of brib’ry cash
An extra wallet, travel docs
Tools for Senate office locks
Photos compromising Bill
A squeeze tube of minoxidil
A dozen different ballot ends
From voting several times for friends
10 C-notes for a mayor pal
400 missing votes for Al
An older video-tape recording
Of a young Obama snorting
AND… (a little drum roll teaser)
90 thousand dollars in a teeny-tiny freezer!