Parson Mac's Muse: Blag-Obama Drama

Wherein the faithful MSM circle the wagons to Protect the Elect from the slings, arrows, and misfortunes of Obama’s home-groan politics… media circus wagons that is…

Now cometh spin from the MSM
As they circle ‘round Obama
To ease the woes and absorb the blows
Of Blagojevich’s * drama

One might surmise with non-surprise
Too much power keeps corrupting
And in time — runs down — that maniac clown
Whose ego keeps erupting

Politicians of all stripes
Oft outgrow their pants
But when the britches are Blagojevich’s
Why, the taint will ‘smirch our saint!

 Oh how lame and oh, the shame!
‘Bout the Governor’s removal
‘Cause when he ran for office he had…
Obama’s full approval!!!

O’Reilly scraped that bit of tape
Where Barack Obama plead for
A governor niche for Blagojevich
Barack worked hard (without canard?)
Now he’s feathered and truly tarred
Didja’ think we wouldn’t notice?!? **

What unholy trinity
The slapstick stooges three
Jeremiah, then William Ayers
Now Blagojevich makes three

Oh what a tangled web we weave in,
When first we practice change we believe in.

* Pronunciation guide for Obama voters: Blah-go’-ya-vich (rhymes with itch).

** To be fair, congratulations are in order. A  ‘two-fer’  for Barack! Not only is Obama the very first Prez-Elect in history to have his very own official “Office” of the President Elect, but this unique office (complete with it’s own Presidential Electial Seal on the official Prez-Elect Podium) is now officially…  scandal-ridden!