'Anonymous' Senator Who Called for GOP Centrists Revealed

Jeb for the Senate

Senate sources confirm for me that Mel Martinez was the famous “Senator Anonymous” from three weeks ago. Martinez, not wanting him name used, told the Politico “I don’t think we have learned much from the election in terms of what people want to see.” This senator said the Republicans needed someone who could “speak from the center” and wanted it known that “Sarah Palin is not the voice of [the Republican] party.”

Good riddance then that Mel is on his way out. Without the courtesy of letting the Chairman of the NRSC, Sen. John Cornyn, know in advance, Sen. Martinez announced he’d had enough of Washington and would quit the Senate in 2010. The Republican Party now has a great opportunity to choose a conservative replacement. There is one conservative who could lock up the nomination, win the contest, and be a conservative voice in Washington from Florida. His name is Jeb Bush.

RedState has undertaken a petition effort to get Jeb to run. By going here, you can sign the petition and pledge your support. Not unexpectedly, some conservatives are less than thrilled about Jeb Bush as the candidate. They should reconsider. Their hesitation stems from Bush fatigue — they are tired of George. They should not take that out on Jeb.

Serious consideration of Jeb Bush’s record proves him to a consistent conservative. For eight years in Florida, he put the conservative in compassion instead of trying to pass off liberal compassion as conservative.

In eight years, Jeb cut taxes, he reformed education, he championed school choice, he defended home schoolers, and he fought for life. Few current Republican governors have an eight year track record as consistent as Jeb Bush. And he has not, when it was convenient, sought to throw conservatives under the bus.

RedState outlines its position in depth here. I would encourage you to get on board and sign the petition.

Saxby Chambliss Calls for a Return to Conservative Roots

As I predicted last Tuesday, Saxby Chambliss trounced Jim Martin in the runoff down in Georgia. What I did not predict was Saxby’s next move. He declared the GOP needs to get conservative again. That is refreshing to hear, but perhaps Saxby should go first.

Chambliss has himself to blame for his less than stellar campaign. His campaign failed to do significant outreach to third party groups. He did not effectively build coalitions. His campaign commercials looked — and this is no exaggeration — like a Power Point presentation put to film.

Additionally, the immigration compromise hurt Saxby with the base. The farm bill hurt him with the business community. The “Gang of Ten” energy compromise hurt him with the part of the base not hurt by the immigration compromise. Then the bailout vote set Saxby on fire and no Republican could be bothered even spitting on him to puth out the flames.

Saxby Chambliss went squishy on financial issues. He turned squishy on business issues. He, like too many Republicans, grew comfortable in the establishment and the base no longer considered him reliable. Those who voted for him last Tuesday did so more to stop a filibuster proof Senate than to re-elect Chambliss.

Chambliss says his campaign “will be a model for Republicans looking to regroup in the 2010 election cycle.” It should be. It is a textbook example of how not to position yourself and how not to run a re-election campaign.