Less Government Is More Better

If the conservative movement is looking for a new standard bearer, a new champion, I have a suggestion: Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-Texas).

Congressman Gohmert is a new hero of mine. He is my kind of independent Texan and why the Nugent family are now proud residents of the last best place in the last best place.

Unlike Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who wants to toss the second installment of the $350 billion taxpayer dollar bailout at Wall Street and hope that this massive wad of cash sticks and does something positive for the economy, Congressman Gohmert instead wants to give Americans a two-month tax holiday for this upcoming January and February. This real American also advocates that taxpayers should pay no federal income taxes for 2008. This guy gives me hope.

I suggest we build a monument to Congressman Gohmert on the Capital Mall for just proposing these great ideas.

That’s right, a two month, $350 billion tax holiday and no income taxes for January and February 2009. This would be massive wads of your money staying in your pockets where it belongs, surely doing more for the sagging economy than using it to bailout Wall Street or the automotive industry.

Of course Fedzilla bureaucrats such as Speaker Pelosi, Sen. Reid and others will fight Congressman Gohmert’s proposal because they believe Fedzilla knows how to better spend your money than you do. This arrogant attitude by Fedzilla-addicted zombies is always the problem, never the solution.

Fedzilla rarely gets anything right. Need proof? Quick, name three specific things Fedzilla has spent your money on that you believe was a wise use of your tax dollars.

Congressman Gohmert understands that reducing the size of Fedzilla is the key to an American economic revival. Federal income taxes, FICA, state income taxes, death taxes, sales taxes, property taxes, gas taxes, permit taxes, license taxes, registration taxes, hidden taxes, etc etc etc are what is truly killing the American economy. When Fedzilla takes half of what we earn, it is not surprising that Americans are not saving anything.

Tax cuts are always the answer to jump-starting the economy. It appears even President-elect Obama is beginning to see that simple economic truism.

Taxpayers are partially to blame for the financial mess created by Fedzilla. We have sat idly by and drank the bureaucratic Kool-Aid brewed by Fedzilla and slowly surrendered our financial independence to big government bureaucrats. Shame on us. We should have been snarling watchdogs of the bureaucrats with our tax dollars stuffed in their bloated wallets instead of soulless, disconnected, apathetic accomplice lapdogs.

If President-elect Obama is the new political messiah to millions of Americans who do not know how the economy works or why tax cuts are always good for the economy, then Congressman Gohmert is a new superhero to millions of Americans who want to put Fedzilla on a diet and return the tax dollars to the people who earned them.

Thomas Jefferson said it best; "I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them."

Ya think?

Congressman Gohmert’s refreshing tax proposals is a breath of financial fresh air. I would like to hear more from Congressman Gohmert on how he would tackle our trillions of debt, privatizing and fixing Social Security and Medicare, and the rest of our foolish economic house of cards.

What America needs now more that ever is more elected officials like Congressman Gohmert who understand that individuals and businesses are the engine that drives our economy, not a bloated, ineffective, lethargic, wasteful Fedzilla who destroys everything it touches.

More government bailouts and spending is not the answer. It is the problem.

Go to to sign a petition supporting Gohmert’s plan.