Left Attacks Female Conservative Calendar

Not content with having won the White House and expanded its majorities in the House and Senate, the Left is now training its vitriol on … a calendar.

No joke. The same tolerance-worshiping Obama supporters who demanded change and got it are now suffering brain aneurisms from the mere existence of calendar celebrating (gasp!) conservative women.

Less than twenty-four hours after the launch of the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute’s “Pretty in Mink” calendar, an onslaught of angry leftist bloggers unleashed a torrent of visceral hatred—aimed at everything from the calendar’s photography and makeup to the women’s physical appearance.

The ladies are “sexy loudmouth whores” according to a blogger. Another claims the calendar is “an attempt to make erections lean to the right.” The women, they complain, “aren’t even remotely attractive.”

Some insist the calendar women aren’t actually women at all, but are in reality men in drag. Others say they’re not even people. One blogger says the ladies “look like cyborgs trying their best human impersonation.” Another calls them “mutts.”

Still another finds it incredible and “offensive” that “even one person would want to look at all these [expletive] for twelve straight months.”

And the fact that the Luce Policy Institute even suggests the ladies are attractive makes one offended man “want to look for the nearest revolver.”

As for the calendar’s overall aim to provide college girls with smart conservative women role models, the liberals’ reactionary loathing reaches new heights. “If you have a cute daughter with small brains and lots of [expletive] opinions,” a blogger grumbles, “this might be the inspiration that she needs to make something of herself.”

“Copies of this piece-a crapfest oughta be sent to any Republican household in Appalachia making less than thirty grand a year,” declares one writer.

“Those photos seriously gave me the willies,” one person whines.

One leftist group is so revolted by the photos, went to the trouble of substituting into the calendar layout photographic images of their reactions to the conservative calendar ladies. One of the photos portrays a woman hanging herself, while another depicts an individual who appears to have overdosed on prescription medication.

The calendar so upsets one individual that that he fumed he would “kill” one of the calendar ladies if he could “get away with it.”

Some have decided that the calendar’s seemingly innocuous vintage Hollywood theme inappropriately harkens back to the time of “the Nazi’s promise of world domination for the Aryan race,” or “before women could vote and could be more easily disciplined,” or back “when a husband could correct his wife by beating her with a stick.”

While a small few took issue with the mink motif, most cracked wise at the ladies themselves. “I just don’t understand why someone would skin scores of rodent-like creatures … only to outfit another,” one enlightened blogger mused.

The overall consensus in the left-wing blogosphere? The calendar is “weird,” “creepy,” “pathetic,” “disturbing,” “repulsive,” “revolting,” “terrifying” and “tacky as sin.” Many simply can’t understand how it wasn’t a “joke.”

So this is tolerance.

It would seem that Bush Derangement syndrome has found a new home — in a Virginia-based think tank that promotes conservative women leaders.

The sheer hatred of the liberal attacks is staggering. These people are to the extreme Left as the Ku Klux Klan is to the extreme Right. And they’re continuing to come out of the woodwork.

But what can explain such malicious prejudice among the very sector of society that chooses as its public altar the utopian notions of tolerance and acceptance? Could it be that the not-yet-forgotten Palin whirlwind so shook the liberal mindset that these people are now desperately scrambling to suppress all conservative thought among the female sex?

Whatever it is, this baffling display of intolerance is far from isolated, and it betrays the totalitarian underpinnings of leftist ideology. Insecurity propels them by their own fear to unleash bewildering venom on anything that threatens their ideology, no matter how minor.

The good news for conservatives is that if these ladies were of no consequence, no one would care enough to attack them. That they come under withering assailment for being in a calendar — a calendar! — proves how effective they are in posing a threat to those of differing ideology.

And if this is how the Left reacts to something as benign as a calendar, what can we expect in the next four years when President-Elect Barack Obama makes good on his promises of hope and change? What sort of “tolerance” can our nation expect? Forewarned is forearmed.

Ambassador Clare Boothe Luce said it first, and I’ll repeat it: No good deed goes unpunished.