Scandal Ridden Congressman in Louisiana Loses House Seat

In the same week that Georgia Republican Saxy Chambliss salvaged his seat in the Senate, Republican Anh Cao beat out nine-term incumbent Democrat (and scandal ridden) William Jefferson in the second district of Louisiana.

Cao was thought an underdog in Saturdays election that was postponed due to Hurricane Gustav. Louisiana’s second district, which covers much of New Orleans, is only 11 percent Republican, and more than 60 percent are black.

"Cao is a Vietnamese immigrant whose experience in America drew him to the Republican Party and its traditional commitment to freedom and reform" said House Leader John Boehner in a memo sent out to Republicans Sunday night.

"Working with like-minded Republicans such as Governor Bobby Jindal, he took an aggressive stand against corruption, offering a principled alternative to what voters were offered by the local Democratic establishment."

On June 4, 2007, a federal grand jury indicted Jefferson on 16 charges related to corruption.

Cao, 41, will be the first Vietnamese-American elected to US Congress.