Parson Mac's Muse: Idiots Or Commies

Wherein the “Blame America First” crowd shows their true colors… again.

Heaven help us, the hue and cry
Of blameniks once again
Festoon the liberal landscape where
Terrorist types have been
And in the wake of treachery
Where evil shouts "Hurrah!"
Comes canoeing leftist airheads and
They’re singing, "Kumbaya!"

Now this is really something folks, that
With hundreds injured… dead…
We should “UN-declare the war on terror
(That’s what DeepHack said!)
But the terrorists leave us with no choice
So what’s with all the qualmies?
Those who blame America first
Must be idiots or commies

Take Mr. DeepHack Swami Guy
Who hypes his Eastern tonics
Who breathes too many candle fumes
And teaches High Moronics
Even though the world’s besieged
With ruthless, murd’rous tactics
He’s convinced solutions lie
In non-violent didactics

“Why, if our global interactions
We would re-evaluate
We would find ‘mongst Islam-kind
All hate t’would ‘vaporate.”

So now you understand me when
I say, "I’ve got the smarmies"
For those who say, “No ‘war’ today!”
Are idiots or commies

Why, right in the very middle
Of the Mumbai terrorist thing
DeepHack (who’s been Oprah’d)
Was interviewed by Airy King
T’is global insecurity
And poverty which gives birth…”

(Has he noticed Muslim nations
Are the RICHEST ones on earth?!?)

Give peace a chance” might work in time
With those who are reason–able
But those whose plate has naught but hate
Spurn diplomatic table
We don’t need more hotel attacks
No more vest or roadside bombies
But we know YOU’LL never understand
Who are idiots or commies

Why anyone with half a brain
Or half a brainy cell
Knows no decisive, offense action
Invites a greater hell
Reality/History Deniers like this
Gives me sweaty palmies
And those who say "Blame the U.S.A.!"
Must be idiots or commies! *

*Diss Claimer (I don’t necessarily mean to imply that all High-Colonic Hawking Swami types, tenured Professorial types and/or tenured Ex- Domestic-Terrorist Professorial types that hang out at our nation’s leading universities and exert great influence on impressionable numbskulls, or celebrity types that host or appear on The View or MSM interviewer types like Airy King are either idiots or commies. That would be Spatial Profiling of the highest order, and I don’t go in for that sort of thing!)