Thanksgiving Every Day

The terrible economy has taken its toll on a number of hard working Americans and their families. It is incumbent upon each of us to do what we can to assist our fellow citizens in getting back in the American Dream free market race.

My recommendation is that each of us identify an individual or family who is down on their luck and do whatever we can to pull them out of the economic ditch they have temporarily slid into.

With the Holiday Season upon us, Americans will be deluged with requests from any number of charities and agencies to help the poor. Mind you, I fully subscribe to Christ’s admonition to help the poor, and like everybody I know, we will give and give and give. It is simply the American Way.

What I do not subscribe to, however, is helping those poor people who refuse to help themselves and who constantly look for a hand out instead of a hand up.

America has a chronic class of self-inflicted poor people. By and large, they are poor because they have made poor life choices. In too many cases, poor parents pass on their poor values and choices to their children. Poverty then becomes generational, a way of life. Trying to break the cycle of chronic poverty when Fedzilla does whatever it can to sustain it is analogous to trying to melt an iceberg with a match.

Through an out of control orgy of so-called government assistance programs over the past 50 years designed to eliminate poverty, the exact opposite has occurred. In all of its bureaucratic, bloated bufoonery, Fedzilla has exacerbated the problem of poverty instead of eliminating it. The very Fedzilla programs designed to help the disadvantaged instead stripped them of their work ethic, pride, family structures and wrecked their communities. Quite simply, Fedzilla destroyed their work ethic by rewarding irresponsibility and thereby encouraged the chronic class of poverty. Nice going.

Crime, drug use, high school drop out rates, single parent families, known destructive lifestyles, etc, is a plague that has enveloped our cities. I can not think of a social or cultural rot that can not be attributed to Fedzilla meddling.

No amount of charitable giving is going to reverse this decay. In fact, if we are truly interested in helping the chronically poor, we should immediately stop all local, state and federal funds and programs designed to help the poor. We should immediately reverse course and get Fedzilla out of their lives and communities.

Once Fedzilla is kicked out of their lives, family, churches, civic organizations and neighbors should offer a hand to help them out of the poverty hole. Fedzilla has only offered the chronic poor a shovel and encouraged them to dig their hole deeper.

I refuse to throw my hard earned money into the chronic poor abyss and "hope" it will "change" the condition of the chronic poor. I know better. I would get more from my money by setting twenty dollar bills on fire and having a marshmallow roast.

Instead, during the Holiday Season, the Nugent family will do whatever we can to help a family or two who is temporarily down on their luck but who wants to help themselves, their community and our country. We implore you to do the same. That is the American barn-raising spirit that built this country.

Happy Thanksgiving, America. May God bestow a special Thanksgiving blessing on America’s military warriors and their families.