Top 10 Things President Bush Should Do Before Leaving Office

10. Land use — Review executive orders concerning the Antiquities Act designations of lands by the government. Under Bill Clinton, millions of acres of lands were locked up by executive fiat and, because these actions were not established by law, they can be undone by executive action of a subsequent President.  

9. Oil drilling — Continue to push the Outer Continental Shelf planning process so that newly opened OCS acreage can be leased for future oil drilling.  

8. Oil shale leasing — Issue the final leasing regulations for oil shale leasing in the Western United States. Without these, the U.S. won’t be able to tap our supplies of oil shale.  

7. Illegal aliens — Fix the Clinton-created loophole that is used to let illegal aliens continue to receive benefits, unreported. President Bush should reverse the Clinton Administration’s legal interpretation that, no matter the evidence, agencies are assumed not to know any people are here illegally unless they’ve already been legally adjudicated to be, and therefore the agencies don’t have to report them or deny them benefits.  

6. Sanctuary cities — President  Bush should issue an executive order denying any federal funds to those cities that either officially or unofficially provide sanctuaries enabling illegal aliens who commit crimes to escape deportation.  

5. Under the Constitution, President Bush can pardon Tom Delay and others prosecuted in the Texas redistricting case. Former Rep. DeLay and associates were indicted for their involvement in a political action committee dedicated to redistricting the Texas congressional lines. They were indicted in 2005, but the case has not been pursued for years.

4. Recess Appointments — President Bush should use his constitutional power of recess appointment to fill every single open position in the federal courts. There are 42 vacancies in the 870 member federal judiciary.

3. Guns in Parks — The Department of the Interior is in the process of lifting a Reagan-era restriction requiring visitors to federal parks to unload weapons while in these parks. This would go a long way to restoring the 2nd Amendment for visitors to federal parks in compliance with state laws.

2. Repeal Clinton Executive Order 13166, which requires all recipients of federal funds to function in multiple languages upon demand. Repeal of this Executive Order, issued on Aug. 11, 2000, would further the cause of making English the official language of the United States.  

1. Pardon the border agents — U.S. Border Patrol Agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean have been in prison since January ‘07 for wounding a fleeing drug smuggler on the U.S. Mexican border.