Parson Mac's Muse: Ghost RINOs In Disguise

Sung to the tune of “Ghost Riders In The Sky”

A moderate went ridin’ out
to gauge the wind one day;
Across the aisle he rested
as he went along his way;
When all at once a mighty herd
of blue-eyed RINOs saw;
Negotiatin’ compromi-i-i-ise…
rewritin’ migrant law…

Yippee-I-pay! Yippee-I-owe!
Ghost RINOs in disguise.

They’re warmin’ up to climate change
write earmarks full of squeal;
Their horns were blue and shiny
and their hot air he could feel;
A bolt of fear went through him from
Blank Paulson’s beady eyes;
Then noticed RINOs fawnin’ ha-a-a-ard…
and heard their grateful sighs…

Yip-we’all-pay! Yip-we’all-owe!
Ghost RINOs in disguise.

Their faces gaunt, their eyes were blurred
they walked a little odd;
Behind them with big smiles on
were Pelosi, Reid, and Dodd;
They had this stupid notion
that in order to survive;
They had to dance the Demo tu-u-u-unes…
the leftist shuck and jive…

Yippee-I-pay! Yippee-I-owe!
Ghost RINOs in disguise.’

And now the Big Three in Detroit
we surely must not fail;
Federalizin’ business
(when we ought to be in jail!)
But morons re-elected us
and gave us mandates all;
To cripple private enterpri-i-i-ise…
Make Wall Street take the fall…

The RINOs charged right past him
and he heard one call his name;
“If you would save your Uncle Sam
from poverty and shame;
Then coward change your ways today
or with us you will crawl
Kowtowin’ to those Devil Li-i-i-ibs…
who’ll mount you on their wall!”

Yippee-I-pay! Yippee-I-owe!
Ghost RINOs in disguise.

Yip-y’all-pay! Yip-y’all-owe!
Ghost RINOs in disgui-i-i-i-i-i-ise.