Obama, King of Fools

It is a defining indicator that the embarrassing, self inflicted dumbing down of America is all but complete when people vote against their own self-interest.

I’ll say it: it is obvious that many Americans are not very smart. Quite dumb, actually. To listen to the Sirius radio interview with Obama voters from Harlem mindlessly cheering on Obama as the interviewer attributes McCain’s policies to the Democrats is pathetic and an inescapable indicator of the blind leading the blind. Not Godbless or goddam America! God help America.

Trying to explain how our economy works and why lowering taxes is always better for them and their country, than imposing higher taxes is an economic bridge too far for many of the Obama sheep. Unfortunately there is no "See Spot & the Economy Run" book for the hooked on phonics crowd. Many of these numbskulls can’t balance a check book or spell "e-c-o-n-o-m-i-c-s" but they sure know who will give them stuff. The lie is impossible.

Expecting these idiotscitizens to have analyzed the tax positions of Obama and McCain and arrive at a decision that truly benefits them and America is wishful thinking. The reason is that they know zilch about how the economy operates and worse, don’t care. Bama will take care of us. Four very scary things-a sow grizzly with cubs at closerange, a coiled rattlesnake in striking distance, me in a rental car in the left lane, and dunces with credit cards.

And indeed they are dunces, products of a tax burning, failed public education system. That is, if they even bothered to complete high school. They don’t read newspapers or books, and even if they did, I got twenty bucks that says they couldn’t comprehend what they read. They are morons in the first degree. And clearly, they vote.

If and when President Obama attempts to impose his wrong-headed, punitive tax structure, their stupidity is going to come back to thump them upside their vacuous heads with a very painful crowbar of reality. The economy works in strange and wondrous ways and has a unique way of severely punishing fools. Rare justice is a beautiful thing.

These dunderheads have no clue how the economic mess was largely caused by Democrats, including Obama. But Obama, recognizing how gullible, naive and dumb many of his supporters are, drummed it into them that the economic mess was caused by President Bush and the Republicans and that he is going to give 95% of Americans a tax cut when 40% of Americans don’t even pay any federal taxes. Investing deception capital in the stupidity of his supporters was a very wise move on Obama’s part. That is if you don’t really care about anything except getting elected.

McCain had no marketable answer to Obama’s charge because McCain knew that attempting to explain the economy to dumb people is impossible in 30 second commercials.

Fantasy driven clowns like the idea of believing they are getting something for nothing. What they receive, however, is always scraps from the economic table. They are too dumb to recognize this and thus condemn themselves to a pathetic life clinging to the lowest rungs of the economic ladder. Their stupidity sentences them to a life of poverty and despair.

The President Obama tax plan punishes the producers — the people who employ the majority of Americans. In Joe the Plumber terms, economic crap will quickly flow down hill and punish the employees. I mean former employees. The result of spreading the wealth around is spreading unemployment around.

Conversely, the McCain economic plan was based on tax cuts, which spur the economy forward, create jobs, and raise the standard of living for everyone. Pretty simple stuff, unless you are a stooge, comfortable in your ignorance who is easily manipulated and believes someone owes you something, such as healthcare and a job.

Do yourself and America a favor. Stay in or go back to school. It’s the economy, stupid.