Who Will Be in Obama's Cabinet?

President-elect Barack Obama will soon start filling his Cabinet and other key positions. Here is a HUMAN EVENTS’ list of likely Obama nominees:


Secretary of Defense
Robert Gates
The current secretary of Defense, who has reportedly been lobbying to keep the position, will likely be the one Republican-holdover in the Cabinet. He would fulfill an Obama promise to “reach across the aisle” and would provide some continuity in fighting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Retiring Nebraska GOP Sen. Chuck Hagel is another possible choice.

Secretary of State
John Kerry
The Massachusetts senator was an early Obama supporter and, as a former presidential nominee, would be familiar to foreign leaders. If he stayed in the Senate, he would be in line to replace Joe Biden as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Other possible choices for State: Gen. Colin Powell, Bill Clinton, Al Gore.

Attorney General
Deval Patrick
The Massachusetts governor is a long-time Obama associate and was head of the Civil Rights Division at Justice under President Clinton. Other possible attorney general nominees are Eric Holder, No. 2 in Clinton’s Justice Department, and Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano.

Treasury Secretary
Timothy Geithner
Many Democrats believe the liberal president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York has the credentials to deal with the financial crisis. Clinton Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers, the prickly former president of Harvard, is also on the short list.

Secretary of Labor
Richard Gephardt
The former House majority leader from Missouri and 1988 presidential candidate has always been a major advocate for labor unions. He could be challenged by former Rep. David Bonior of Michigan, another Big Labor ally.

Secretary of Homeland Security
Tim Roemer
The former congressmen from Indiana was also a member of the 9/11 Commission.

Secretary of Energy

Philip Sharp
This one-time congressman from Indiana is currently president of Resources for the Future think tank. Another contender: Houston Mayor Bill White, who was deputy Energy secretary during the Clinton Administration.

Secretary of Health and Human Services
Howard Dean
The recent DNC chairman and former Vermont governor is also a medical doctor. Early Obama supporter and former South Dakota Sen. Tom Daschle could get the nod.

Secretary of Commerce
Penny Pritzker
The billionaire Chicago heiress, finance chairman of the Obama campaign, could be rewarded for her support.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs
Max Cleland
Former Georgia senator and Vietnam veteran has championed the rights of veterans.

Secretary of Transportation
Steve Heminger
Executive director of San Francisco’s transit commission.

Secretary of Agriculture
Tom Vilsack
The Former Democratic governor of Iowa could be challenged by former Iowa Republican congressman Jim Leach.

Secretary of the Interior
Bill Richardson
New Mexico governor has already held a Cabinet position (Energy), been UN ambassador, and a member of Congress.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
James Clyburn
Congressman from South Carolina could be edged out by Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin or Miami Mayor Manuel Diaz.

Supreme Court nominee
Hillary Clinton
The best way to make sure the New York senator does not challenge Obama in 2012 could be to give her a life-time appointment to the High Court.

UN Ambassador
Caroline Kennedy
Obama needs to reward the Kennedys for their early support. Who better than JFK’s daughter?