Ode to Sarah Palin

Votin’ day is over
Obama/Biden won
The left is celebratin’ that
The right is on the run
The MSM is tuckered out
From all their frantic flailin’
But those lightweights barely laid a glove on
Newcomer Sarah Palin!

Hyenal hordes descended
At Obama’s minion’s orders
Foamin’, snarlin’, pourin’
All across Alaska’s borders
They were looking for that coffin
They could put the final nail in
Dead certain they might find a way
To “undertake” Ms. Palin! *

But though they left unturned no stone
No rumor unexplored
And reported every scandal hint
To every Press’ Lord
Every log placed on the track
Was all to no availin’
Those Snidely Whiplash jokers had
No luck derailin’ Palin

Then Follywood’s Elite spoke out
Some cruel celebrities
Sharpening their dagger tongues
But every insult, every slight, every jab assailin’
Was insufficient to dispirit all-prevailin’ Palin

Then from behind, one more affront
This college cyber-slacker
Who had not much (I guess) to do
Than cyber-hack-attack her
Unflappable and unperturbed
She continued her smooth sailin’
For there was zero compromise
From those e-mailin’ Palin

And though we heard no single word
From wardrobe malcontents
About Michelle’s or Hillary’s clothes
In dollars or in cents
We had a national dialogue
A picayune detailin’
The media’s dressing down as they
Tried to strip and unveil Palin.

The RINO’s now are chargin’ you
McCain aides on the loose!
(Alaskan’s need a new hunt now
RINOs, along with Moose)
But wait a sec! Weren’t they the ones…
…to help McCain to vet ya’?
And when called upon, did you respond…
…the best you could? You BETCHA’!

So Sarah, please accept this ode
From this, your humble bard
I regret my little tribute reads
Like some, cheap Hallmark card
But if your time comes round again
Your next electoral trek
Just make sure no RINOstones
Are hangin’ ‘round your neck!

* Hmmm… I wonder… do Obama’s “plumbers” make $250,000 a year?


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