Conservative Scorecard 2008: House

Conservatives, exhale. You will still have representation in Congress come January.

The Republican Study Committee will remain largely intact from the 110th to the 111th Congress, despite a handful of losses in both incumbent and open races. These include the open seat of Steve Pearce (who lost his Senate race Tuesday), which will be filled by Democrat Harry Teague, and losses to Democrat opponents by Marilyn Musgrave, Tom Feeney, Thelma Drake, Steve Chabot, Bill Sali, and Tim Walberg — all seats which gave Republicans cause for concern leading up to the election.

Below is the complete HUMAN EVENTS Conservative Scorecard of 2008 for the House of Representatives. The scorecard lists the members of the 110th Republican Study Committee and how they fared in the 2008 election. The winners may find their jobs a little more difficult after Tuesday’s results, but the return of a group that made "Drill, Baby, Drill" echo from coast to coast should inspire confidence among conservatives in the strength of their voice in Washington.

*Scorecard last updated 11/6/2008.

Republican Study Committee Member Results
Aderholt, Robert AL-04 Yes
Akin, Todd MO-02 Yes
Alexander, Rodney LA-05 Yes
Bachmann, Michele MN-06 Yes
Bachus, Spencer Al-06 Yes
Barrett, Gresham SC-03 Yes
Bartlett, Roscoe MD-06 Yes
Barton, Joe TX-06 Yes
Bilbray, Brian CA-50 Yes
Bishop, Rob UT-01 Yes
Blackburn, Marsha TN-07 Yes
Boozman, John AR-03 Yes
Brady, Kevin TX-08 Yes
Broun, Paul GA-10 Yes
Brown, Henry SC-01 Yes
Buchanan, Vern FL-13 Yes
Burgess, Michael TX-26 Yes
Burton, Dan IN-05 Yes
Camp, Dave MI-04 Yes
Campbell, John CA-48 Yes
Cannon, Chris UT-03 Lost primary; replaced by Chaffetz (R)
Cantor, Eric VA-07 Yes
Carter, John TX-31 Yes
Chabot, Steve OH-01 No
Cole, Tom OK-04 Yes
Conaway, Mike TX-11 Yes
Cubin, Barbara Wy-At lrg Retiring; replaced by Lummis (R)
Culberson, John TX-07 Yes
Davis, David TN-01 Lost primary; replaced by Roe (R)
Davis, Geoff KY-04 Yes
Diaz-Balart, Mario FL-25 Yes
Doolittle, John CA-04 Retiring; McClintock (R) 50 percent to Brown (D) 50 percent
Drake, Thelma VA-02 No
Fallin, Mary OK-05 Yes
Feeney, Tom FL-24 No
Flake, Jeff AZ-06 Yes
Forbes, Randy VA-04 Yes
Fortenberry, Jeff NE-01 Yes
Fortuno, Luis (PR) Not available
Foxx, Virginia NC-05 Yes
Franks, Trent AZ-02 Yes
Garrett, Scott NJ-05 Yes
Gingrey, Phil GA-11 Yes
Gohmert, Louie TX-01 Yes
Goode, Virgil VA-05 Tied 50 percent
Goodlatte, Bob VA-06 Yes
Herger, Wally CA-04 Yes
Hensarling, Jeb TX-05 Yes
Hoekstra, Pete MI-02 Yes
Hunter, Duncan CA-52 Retiring; replaced by Hunter (R)
Inglis, Bob SC-04 Yes
Issa, Darrell CA-49 Yes
Johnson, Sam TX-03 Yes
Jordan, Jim OH-04 Yes
King, Steve IA-05 Yes
Kingston, Jack GA-01 Yes
Kline, John MN-02 Yes
Lamborn, Doug CO-05 Yes
Lewis, Ron KY-02 Retiring; replaced by Guthrie (R)
Lucas, Frank OK-03 Yes
Lungren, Dan CA-03 Yes
Mack, Connie FL-14 Yes
Manzullo, Don IL-16 Yes
Marchant, Kenny TX-24 Yes
McCaul, Michael TX-10 Yes
McCotter, Thaddeus MI-11 Yes
McHenry, Patrick NC-10 Yes
McKeon, Buck CA-25 Yes
McMorris Rodgers, Cathy WA-05 Yes
Miller, Gary CA-42 Yes
Miller, Jeff FL-01 Yes
Moran, Jerry KS-01 Yes
Musgrave, Marilyn CO-4 No
Myrick, Sue NC-09 Yes
Neugebauer, Randy TX-19 Yes
Pearce, Steve NM-02 Running for Senate; replaced by Teague (D)
Pence, Mike IN-06 Yes
Pitts, Joe PA-16 Yes
Poe, Ted TX-02 Yes
Price, Tom GA-06 Yes
Radanovich, George CA-19 Yes
Rehberg, Denny MT-At lrg Yes
Reynolds, Tom NY-26 Retiring; replaced by Lee (R)
Roskam, Peter IL-06 Yes
Royce, Ed CA-40 Yes
Ryan, Paul WI-01 Yes
Sali, Bill ID-01 No
Sessions, Pete TX-32 Yes
Shadegg, John AZ-03 Yes
Smith, Lamar TX-21 Yes
Souder, Mark IN-03 Yes
Stearns, Cliff FL-06 Yes
Sullivan, John OK-01 Yes
Tancredo, Tom CO-06 Retiring; replaced by Coffman (R)
Thornberry, Mac TX-13 Yes
Turner, Michael OH-03 Yes
Walberg, Tim MI-07 No
Wamp, Zach TN-03 Yes
Weldon, Dave FL-15 Not running; replaced by Posey (R)
Westmoreland, Lynn GA-03 Yes
Wilson, Joe SC-02 Yes
Wittman, Robert VA-01 Yes