Today's the Day

OK. This is it. The big day has arrived. Do or die. The moment of truth, the big Kahuna, where “we the people” of the one and only experiment in self-government in the history of humankind get to step up to the plate and give it our best shot as individual participants in this grand "American Dream" of independence and autonomy. Election Day has arrived, my fellow Americans, and it is now that we shall see just what we are made of. Pull the lever, take your shot. There is no take two.

I am as frustrated and disenfranchised as the next guy, terribly let down by both the Republicans and Democrats. Both parties are painfully guilty of corruption, deceit, irrational behavior and more often than not, the abandonment of what my neighbors and I still cling to as common sense. The current economic disaster America is struggling with is simply the proverbial tip of a cultural iceberg train wreck brought about by politicians negotiating on behalf of their own best interests instead of the citizens they are sworn to serve. The same goes for the education debacle, welfare outrage, the embarrassing, criminal unaccountable Fedzilla spending orgy, a court system off the rails, and a wasteland of entitlement programs guaranteed to break the bank. Literally. The Federal government is like social security; it is anti-social and insecure. Thanks for nothing.

Understandably, the people are wailing for change. But the way I see it, change as a concept can be very elusive, and, as always, change can be for the good or for much worse. Over many years, as Republicans acted more and more like liberal Democrats, that is, out of control doped-up hippies with a credit card and no boundaries, an unprecedented amount of our hard-earned tax dollars went unaccounted for propping up fantasy driven entitlement programs that furthered the suicidal so-called Great Society of LBJ. The Great Society turned out to be not so great. Like the FDR’s so-called New Deal, we the people once again got a raw deal, and we’re still paying for it. Through the nose and other not so comfortable orifices.

Positive, beneficial change would be for us to unite in order to stop the economical and social hemorrhaging. Unfortunately, the Democrats, led by their presidential candidate Barack Obama, has a different change in mind. According to every one of his speeches and political voting record as an Illinois senator, Obama actually wants to accelerate the irresponsible spending and reduce accountability to the people even more. According to the Obama supporters, the best way to bail out the sinking boat is to blow more holes in the bottom. That will let the water out, right? Wrong. But if it makes you feel good, by all means, blast away. Bon voyage, baby.

John McCain is no knight in shining armor, that’s for sure. It is true that the good Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has proven to be a bureaucrat-stomping, status quo-destroying political warrior in her short career, and everybody I know is genuinely moved by her defiance of the old guard politicos. She surely brings a much needed and greatly appreciated toughness to McCain’s candidacy, but she isn’t running for President.

The Nugent family has researched till we are red in the face. We have weighed all the information and evidence we can get our hands on, and we have decided that in the best interest of America, we are voting for John McCain.

We believe in our hearts and souls that he means what he says and that he is ready to make tougher decisions for the overall improvement of the conditions we face in these trying times. We believe equally strongly that Obama will only make things worse in his scramble to make people feel good instead of actually doing good. If his ideas sound too good to be true, it’s because they are.

America needs to make tough sacrifices right now. Obama’s socialist agenda plays into the hands of those who expect things to be made easy for them without the extra effort. It is not time to blow holes in the bottom of the boat. It’s time for all of us to bail like hell, together.