Robo-Call Rattles Kerry Campaign

John Kerry isn’t comfortable in his own seat, despite a 32 percent lead in Rasmussen’s Oct. 15 poll.

According to, the Kerry campaign actually responded to a robo-call made by Fred Thompson on behalf of Kerry’s challenger, Delta Force veteran Jeff Beatty.

The robo-call itself seems mild by today’s attack-dog standards  — included the transcript and recording online: “Hello friend, this is Sen. Fred Thompson calling to ask you to please vote for Jeff Beatty for United States senator to replace John Kerry. Jeff is an American hero who served in the Delta Force and the FBI. He’s a former teamster and small businessman with the kind of common sense we need. Jeff won’t coddle special interests; he’s a leader who will protect your family your jobs and your country. Please vote for Jeff Beatty Nov. 4."

Kerry spokeswoman Brigid O’Rourke bashed Thompson to, describing him as “Tennessee’s own Mr. Excitement” and saying that he “favors letting convicted criminals keep their guns, wants to overturn Roe vs. Wade and just like Sarah Palin believes global warming isn’t man-made.”

Then, O’Rourke delivered the parting shot.

“With Hollywood experience on both of their resumes, maybe Beatty and Thompson can go back to their true calling — acting," O’Rourke said to "Then again, maybe that’s what they’ve been doing on the campaign trail all this time."

Apparently, challenger Jeff Beatty struck a raw nerve in Kerry, whose elite snobbery fits better with the Hollywood crowd than either of the men O’Rourke was trying to attack.

A frankly mild robo-call shouldn’t elicit this kind of over-the-top response on behalf of a man who endured the rigors of an (albeit unsuccessful) presidential bid at the top of his party’s ticket.  Either Kerry’s nerves never recovered from 2004, or the liberal media wasn’t tough enough on him to embolden him for future campaigns.

Or he’s really worried about his seat.

Considering that acting played prominently in the background of one of America’s most beloved political heroes (the fearlessly conservative Ronald Reagan), maybe he should be.