Latino Star Stumps for McCain

McCain is reaching out to Hispanic voters through the helping hands of Eduardo Verastegui, a household name among Latinos for his roles on Spanish television and his time in the music group “Kairo.”

Though part of an industry that bleeds blue, the Mexican actor — now in the U.S. — studied both presidential candidates’ records, then contacted the McCain campaign and told them he wanted to get involved.

“Anything I can do to help,” Verastegui said he told the campaign. “I’m so grateful to this nation that opened this door to my dreams. I love this country. I want the best for this country.”

It’s a bold act for someone in the entertainment industry, where Verastegui affirmed it’s easy to remain complacent in Hollywood’s comfort zone. But he respects the candidate who takes risks to support an issue he feels is important. Because of this, Verastegui is willing to take the risk of supporting him.

Verastegui announced his endorsement October 13 at a press conference in Denver, Colo. — a key swing state this year — and that same day attended a meet-and-greet with volunteers in Colorado Springs. He also appeared at a Florida rally on October 17.

Verastegui’s message to his fellow Hispanics: John McCain defends the values most precious to our community — pro-life, pro-traditional marriage, pro-conservative judges who will uphold family values, and pro-immigration reform.

As part of this community which celebrates life, Verastegui talked about the important role a political candidate will play on the abortion issue.

“We are a pro-life community,” Verastegui said of Latinos. “We need to start a culture of life.

It’s a cause Verastegui already championed on and off screen when he starred in and helped produce the pro-life movie Bella — a film which brought him to many Americans’ attention. His work witnessing outside abortion clinics has made him a prominent figure in the pro-life community and a spokesperson for those who, as he describes it, have none.

“I don’t see anything else more beautiful or more powerful than to defend innocent babies,” he said. “I want to be the voice of those who do not have [a] voice.”

He recently released “Dura Realidad,” or “Hard Truths,” which takes issue with Barack Obama’s pro-abortion agenda and can be viewed online in either English or Spanish. Verastegui said several historical figures have been very young, passionate, and have talked about change — and the change hasn’t always been for the best.

“What kind of change are we talking about?” Verastegui asked of the Obama campaign’s backbone slogan.

Verastegui’s endorsement of McCain was followed by that of Grammy award winner and Mexican-American singer Vikki Carr last week.