UPDATED: Virginia County Rejecting Military Ballots

As HUMAN EVENTS correspondent Connie Hair reported Friday morning, Fairfax County, Virginia — a heavily Democratic Washington suburb — is apparently breaking federal law by enforcing state restrictions on federal military absentee ballots. 98 percent of the federal military absentee ballots in Fairfax County were disqualified after those who witnessed the voters’ signatures failed to include an address — a requirement under Virginia law.

Federal law does not require witnesses to provide an address, and it is illegal for a state to impose its restrictions on a federal ballot.

The instructions available to Virginia service members through the Federal Voting Assistance Program do not say that an address is required. The standard form — made available by the Defense Department to military members worldwide — gives instructions on how it must be filled out and provides no space for a witness to write in an address.


Here are the relevant sections of the Defense Department standard form: