McConnell Challenger Steals Audio Recorder

A National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) spokesperson told HUMAN EVENTS moments ago that one of their staffers is in the process of filing petty larceny and destruction of property charges against Senate candidate Bruce Lunsford, a Democrat running against Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R. – KY) after an incident that took place this morning.

NRSC “campaign tracker” Richard St. Onge was at this morning’s final debate between McConnell and Lunsford. His recorder was placed on Lunsford’s podium to capture the best audio from the candidate during the debate.

St. Onge says that after the debate Lunsford took his recorder with him when he walked away from the podium. St. Onge says he then asked for it back and Lunsford said “No” and gave it to one of his staffers.

St. Onge then found a Marshall Country Sheriff who retrieved the recording device. Sheriff R.K. Byars confirmed that his officers were given the device by the Lunsford campaign, but St. Onge says that several audio files on his device had been erased while in the Lunsford camp’s possession.

What was on the recorder that Lunsford didn’t want the public to hear?

One Kentucky paper reported that Achim Bergmann, a consultant with Lunsford’s campaign, said that the recorder was hidden under a note pad on Lunsford’s podium. Bergmann says that they suspect “the Republicans were trying to record things that Lunsford said under his breath during the debate”.

The most recent polls show that McConnell holds only a 4% lead over Lunsford, a millionaire businessman from Louisville. This is Lunsford’s third run for office.