Congrats, You've Just Been Borked

I’m laughing as I write this.  The Mainstream Media is actually trying to “bork” Joe the Plumber.  After their Herculean efforts to discredit the hockey mom flopped, they’re now going after Joe.

Joe the Plumber doesn’t have a license.

Joe the Plumber owes taxes.

“I don’t have any Joe the plumbers in my neighborhood who make $250,000 a year and are worried,” says the jack-of-all-gaffes, Sen. Joe Biden (emphasis added).  

A CNN feature Friday morning says plumbers are actually doing quite well, that it’s a recession-proof job, along with other skill trades like being an electrician, and it’s the union workers and people in finance and retail who are really suffering.

This must be the first time in Western civilization that being a plumber was considered too “high brow” to represent the vox populi.  

Is it that hard to believe an average Joe would vote for John McCain?  It is if you’re working for the New York Times or CBS.   

The mainstream media doesn’t have the courage of the Straight Talk Express, so they’ll go no farther than imply their latest conspiracy theory. The bottom line has already been whispered in Katie Couric’s ears by her Democrat buddies: This Joe can’t be an average American.  He was a plant by the McCain campaign.

Well, if so, Obama & Co. just had it handed to them by a plumber and a septuagenarian. Wait till Putin and his KGB cronies get their shot.

It’s a chronic problem with the media and the Washington establishment: they can’t understand an average American Joe. Plumbers like Joe are real people who the liberal elites – read Obama and Biden – just don’t relate to.  To them, the “middle class” is a salary stereotype.  You make a certain amount of money (under $250,000, for example).  You shop at Wal-Mart, 7/11. Your kids work fast food and retail through high school. You don’t fly first class.  You don’t count.
Joe the Senator doesn’t realize that even if you end up making more than $250,000, you often keep your middle class roots.  You might still shop at Wal-Mart. Your kids don’t drive BMWs. And when someone says “arugula,” you raise your eyebrows and say, “What’s that?  Sounds like something they’d eat in France.”

Joe the Senator doesn’t understand, or he’s forgotten, that being an “average American” is not about your current salary — it’s how you got there.  No one handed you $250,000 on a platter.  You, like Joe the Plumber, worked your way up from employee to company owner.  You worked overtime, you didn’t order Iranian caviar via room service at the Waldorf-Astoria (ala Michelle Obama last Friday).  You paid off your school loans (even those Ivy League ones).  And now you want to enjoy the fruits of your labor and pass them on to your children.  That’s the American dream.  That’s quintessential America.

But in this town of lawyers, lobbyists, politicians and journalists, you’re hard-pressed to find an honest plumber walking down the street. Then again, with all the political sewage in Washington, maybe more plumbers are just what our nation’s capital needs.

Joe the Plumber for president?  Maybe next time.