How They Cheat

The Ohio Secretary of State, Democrat Jennifer Brunner, was forced to reveal this week that she is sitting on over 200,000 possibly fraudulent voter registrations. The documents have a variety of problems such as mismatched drivers license and Social Security numbers. Despite mounting evidence of voter fraud and the staggering number of problem registrations, Brunner Wednesday night appealed to the United States Supreme Court to stay the 6th Circuit Court order requiring that she provide the data from these problematic registrations to the local elections boards for identity verification. Justice John Paul Stevens handles emergency matters for the 6th Circuit. As of deadline Thursday, silence from the court.

There are many ways to defraud the voting system. An Ohio man, Darnell Nash, registered to vote multiple times at several different addresses. Nash cast at least one fraudulent ballot attached to the address of a legally registered voter. In Columbus, a group of out-of-state Obama activists — all Rhodes, Marshall, Fulbright, and Truman Scholars studying abroad — registered from a single address. The group calls itself “Vote from Home ‘08” and organizes over the worldwide web. One of the members has already voted absentee, yet none have any historical ties to Ohio. All are under investigation. They were exposed by a local group of student journalists.

ACORN, the community organizer group claiming over 1.3 million registrations across the country this election cycle, has been under fire in Ohio for a broad range of actions, including registering one man to vote 72 times. The fraud allegations involving ACORN are so widespread that the FBI on Thursday stepped in to investigate the possibility of a coordinated effort on the part of the group to facilitate fraudulent voter registration in 14 states.

Heather Heidelbaugh, a vice president for the Republican National Lawyer’s Association and an elections law attorney, spoke with me about ACORN and the problems related to the staggering revelations coming out of Ohio.

“It appears that what we’re dealing with in the 2008 election is massive, committed, organization-wide voter registration fraud,” Heidelbaugh said. “Certainly what we do know is that with massive voter registration efforts, you’re going to burden a typical election division office. Thousands and thousands of these registrations are dropped on election division offices, and the workers are overwhelmed.”

Heidelbaugh continued, “The ultimate question is… for instance, in the Ohio case where the gentleman, I think his name was Mr. Johnson, was registered 72 times, whether there would be any organizational efforts to try to request absentee ballots. If the election division was overwhelmed, and did not know that there were 72 registrations for one single person, and there were 72 requests for absentee ballots, the potential exists for that person to vote 72 times.”

Dead or non-existent people do not have to walk into a precinct or mail in an absentee ballot to dimple their chad this election. With fraudulent registrations on the voter rolls, Heidelbaugh explains, “There are polling locations where there is not a single registered Republican voter. None of the elections officials monitoring that particular polling place are Republican. If you have… say 1,000 registered voters that were legitimate registered voters, and ACORN had illegitimately registered another 1,000 and there were no eyes and ears to make sure that a fair and accurate vote took place in a particular voting place, it’s possible… that a precinct worker could vote those registered voters that don’t exist or who have registered multiple times.”

The potential for stealing this election through fraudulent voting in targeted precincts has reached critical mass.

“People are so concerned about the registration process because that is the beginning gate-keeping function of the government — to make sure that only those that are legitimately able to vote can be registered,” Heidelbaugh added.

Once the fraudulent voters are on the rolls unchecked and the resulting contaminated votes have mingled with the authentic ballots, there is little recourse. The seriousness of these allegations and how we as a nation deal with the thuggery will decide if we remain a free people or take a fatal step toward the radical left’s Marxist utopia of tyranny.