Obama's White House Dinner Guests

If Barack Obama wins, there will be a lot of revolutionaries getting their fatigues pressed in anticipation of that coveted White House dinner invitation.
Which revolutionaries?  Good question, since Obama has collected so many of them!
Ayers?  Check!  Dohrn?  Check!  Reverend Wright?  Check!  Father Pfleger?  Check!  Ahmadinejad?  Check!  Farrakhan?  Check!  Hamas?  Check!  Bashar al-Assad?  Check!  Hugo Chavez?  Check!  And who can forget Kim Jong Il?  We try, we try.
All have expressed, in some form, support for Obama’s candidacy.  But there’s one remaining revolutionary: a revolutionary who kicks it old school, with the requisite communist revolutionary beard, the fatigues, and the full-on "rehabilitation" by the left-wing media.  (Not talking about Ayers here.)
The man with a feline-like nine lives: Fidel Castro.
This weekend, state media in Cuba published a statement by Castro, in which he insisted that a "profound racism" exists in America and that millions of whites "cannot reconcile themselves to the idea that a black person…could occupy the White House, which is called just that: white."  (No mention by Fidel that for almost 50 years, he couldn’t reconcile himself to anyone else in HIS seat of power.)
Castro also went on to call John McCain "bellicose."  (This is the endorsement McCain has been waiting for—-he ought to plaster Castro’s adjective all over South Florida.)
Three observations:
1)  The Cuban people are surviving on a coconut a day, and Castro is gassing around about "racism" in the U.S.
2)  It’s not that people won’t vote for Obama because he’s black, it’s that they WILL vote for him because he’s black.  As a recent study pointed out, Obama could have a six point advantage BECAUSE of his race.  This is white guilt on a Tara Reid-like bender.
3)  Does it not dawn on Americans who actually love their country that if our enemies (like Castro) want Obama as president, we might want to rethink that?
As we ponder these questions, the revolutionaries spit-polish their combat boots. That White House invitation is just a few months away.  

But the Obama A-list poses a few unique questions for the White House sommelier:  what wines go with roast capitalist pig and filet of running dog?