Joe the Plumbers of the World Unite

It wasn’t exactly a Red Dawn moment but it is as close as John McCain has come to date. 

McCain finally put the face-paint on and sounded the alarm for America’s productive, play-by-the-rules class that Barack Obama and his spread-the-wealth, leftist guerillas are advancing. 

McCain’s Manifesto in Wednesday night’s final Presidential debate:  Joe the Plumbers of the World Unite! 

McCain capitalized on Comrade Obama’s unintentional moment of candor earlier in the week wherein he told Joe the Plumber from Holland, Ohio, an aspiring small business owner, that the Obama plan is to “spread the wealth”.  In so doing, McCain for the first time framed the choice Americans have in this race between his pro-growth tax policies and Obama’s virulent brand of wealth redistribution for its own sake. 

Watching Obama sell the need for so-called fairness in our tax system, I was reminded of the infomercial hucksters hawking no money down real estate schemes.  

Fairness is the problem when the top 5% of income earners in America pay 60% of the total federal incomes taxes collected and the bottom 35% pay no federal incomes tax at all? 

In the name of fairness we should inhibit capital formation by increasing the capital gains tax; we should close markets to American goods by discarding free trade agreements; and we should prevent would-be small business owners like Joe the Plumber from ever getting there by imposing additional tax burdens on businesses that already pay the second high corporate tax rate in the industrialized world. 

McCain effectively stripped away Obama’s flowery, Platonic rhetoric and exposed the component parts of the grand Fairness Regime that Senator Government (a well-timed Freudian slip by McCain) seeks to inflict upon our nation. 

If McCain ruthlessly prosecutes the fault lines he exposed last evening and defiantly stands up for job-creators and risk-takers, then McCain, and America for that matter, will indeed have been mistakenly written off once again.