Say It To His Face, John: Make Obama Squirm Over Ayers

After suffering through watching John McCain permitting Barack Obama to outfox him in the first two presidential debates, the temptation is to suggest that the smartest thing McCain could do for tonight’s final debate is to call in sick and send Sarah.

But since he will be the one going toe to toe with Obama tonight, McCain might want to consider getting serious about trying to win the debate and the election.

The best thing he could do for himself and for his fellow Republican Senate and House candidates who are sinking with him — and, most important, for his country — would be to take Obama up on his boastful dismissive challenge to “say it to my face.”

Obama made that put down in response to a softball question from ABC news anchor, Charles Gibson. He labeled references by John McCain and Sarah Palin to Obama’s association with unrepentant domestic terrorist Bill Ayers “cheap” and “over the top” and demanded, “Why doesn’t he say it to my face?”

Now there’s an invitation John McCain would be nuts to turn down.  

Say it to his face, John.  

Look Obama in the eye and ask him: “Why are you so comfortable keeping company with people who hate America?”   

Glare at him — quit looking down or away.

And make some comments like these:
•    “Senator Obama, aren’t you at all embarrassed that something you and Osama bin Laden have in common is that you both have associates who have bombed the Pentagon?”
•     “Who cares how old you were when Ayers and his wife planted their first bombs trying to kill US military and American police officers?”  
•    “You were full grown when you sought and received Ayers’ blessing to be a candidate for public office right there in his living room.“
•    “You were full grown and holding public office on 9/11 when Ayers was saying that he wished he had bombed more American targets.”  
•    “You were full grown when Ayers appeared on the cover of a Chicago magazine stomping on an American flag.”
•    “You know perfectly well that your campaign guru Axelrod was lying for you when he said that you only knew the terrorist Ayers because your kids go to the same school together. Give me a break!  Your kids are age 7 and age 10 – Ayers’ kids are in their late 20s and early 30s.  Must be quite an unusual school – what’s its name?”
•     “If you and your unrepentant terrorist associate hardly knew each other, how do you explain that he just happened to hire you to run a $100 million program designed by him to radicalize school children?  How many people hand over tens of millions of dollars to anyone unless they know that person pretty well – and you don’t pick someone to run your pet project unless you think that person shares your views.”
•     “What do you mean you didn’t know Ayers was an unrepentant terrorist?  Everyone else seemed to know.  But you couldn’t figure it out?  You never heard about his famous boast – ‘Guilty as sin and free as a bird?’”
•     “So tell me, Senator Obama, of the two best known radical anti-Americans you associate with, which one do you think is worse – Bill Ayers or the Rev. Jeremiah Wright?
•    “You listened to Rev Wright’s racist and anti-American tirades for 20 years and you couldn’t figure out what sort of lunatic he is – and you worked hand in hand, side by side with the unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers and you couldn’t figure out that he’s fanatically anti-American?  And you want to be the person who picks the key leaders for all US intelligence operations?   
•    You have a record of associating with people who viciously hate our country — viciously.  No American should embrace such despicable men – almost all Americans would refuse to.  Anyone who would do so and make excuses for it should certainly not be President of this great country.”

P.S. If when the sun rises the morning after this final debate John McCain has not yet radically altered his campaign message along somewhat similar lines to this, the only remaining hope is for someone to step in and do it for him through a 527 “Swift boat” type effort.  If any billionaire with the will to do that is reading this, contact me before it’s too late and I’ll show you how.