Time to Close the Deal

With Election Day now in sight, John McCain and Sarah Palin need to turn up the heat. Frustrated conservatives are waiting for some spirit and energy.

This race is far from over. In fact, these final three weeks are the most critical of the campaign.

What the McCain/Palin ticket needs to do is to genuinely address and capitalize on the tremendous level of disgust, distrust and dissatisfaction of the American people towards our government.

As I wrote in my new book “Ted, White and Blue,” a May 20, 2008 Rasmussen poll found that 62% of the American public support fewer government services and lower taxes. That’s because ordinary Americans believe what President Reagan believed: government is the problem, not the answer. Remind Americans of this, Senator McCain. The last debate next Wednesday night may be your last chance to connect because they need to see you as a bigger presence, a better choice right up, elbow-to-elbow with Obama.

Rank and file Americans know that more government meddling ultimately equals more problems. It always has and always will because government is not the social or cultural engine that drives America — capitalism is. Remind us of this. Convince us that you believe it.

Remind the American public that America didn’t become great because of its government, but rather because of its people. America needs less government, not more. Say this, Senator McCain and Governor Palin, and say it often. Give us some authority. It would be presidential.

Focus on the economy. Tell the American people that the genesis of the financial quagmire we are in is a direct result of government meddling in the housing market which has led to this disastrous credit crunch. As a result, ordinary Americans who play by the rules are being hurt badly. Tell us this, Senator McCain. Tell us the federal government has no business in the home loan industry and that you will take our economy away from the Treasury Department bureaucrats and give it back to the bankers, stockbrokers and company leaders that have made our economy thrive since Alexander Hamilton served at Treasury.

Show us that you share our anger, show some passion. Tell the American public that you will do everything in your power to expose the lobbyists and elected officials who caused the problem, how they caused it and why they caused it. Tell us that you will launch an ethics and criminal investigation on the very people who caused this financial meltdown. Americans want accountability. Give it to us. That would be some welcome change.

We trust freedom, not government: we want our economy back. Yes, let’s punish the crooks and fix the blind government watchdogs. But then, for the sake of our childrens’ future, let’s give free market capitalism back to the capitalists.

Tell us how you believe in the power of the free market. Tell Americans that capitalism and the free market is the most powerful force on the planet, but that expansive government, more spending and higher taxes smothers entrepreneurship. Tell the American public that America cannot achieve success through more taxes and more government spending.

We need a leader that at least knows as much as we do. Borrow a page from Speaker of the House Gingrich and list ten things that your administration is going to accomplish. Turn that into a television commercial and run it over and over in the battleground states. Make a big speech on it in a contested state such as Ohio.

Be specific in the next debate, and tell the American people exactly how you are going to create jobs while cutting government spending. Tell the American public that you plan to cut government spending by 6.5 percent each of the first four years you are president for a real savings of 25 percent. Tell the American public the savings will be returned to us! Tell the American people the era of big government is over.

As you did in the recent debate, focus on nuclear energy. Our car companies are in the process of researching electrical cars. More nuclear power equals much, much more electricity, which equals cheaper energy. Remind them over and over again that nuclear energy is cheap, efficient, safe and clean. While our nuclear power plants are being built, “drill, baby, drill!”

Unleash Palin Power in the key battleground states of Florida, Ohio, Missouri and Pennsylvania. Socialists hate her with a passion. That means she’s good — real good.

In these tumultuous and uncertain times, Americans are looking for a leader with not only a proven past but also one who has a solid vision for the future that does not include more government programs, more spending and more waste.

What say you, Senator McCain?