The Media's Vendetta Against Palin

Conservatives know by now that the dominant liberal media is not just out to criticize Gov. Sarah Palin. They are on a drive to destroy her. But conservatives are missing the reason why.

It’s not really about defeating John McCain. Running mates do not decide a presidential election. The real reason is the future. Never again will the Left media (New York Times; Washington Post; the networks; Hollywood) allow a young politician to ascend to the leadership of a national conservative movement  — at least not without all-out character assassination.

The media have learned their lesson. They generally tolerated the rise of Ronald Reagan. They didn’t take him that seriously. And when he astounded them by trouncing Jimmy Carter, it wasn’t that big of deal.

After two decades of rampant liberalism, the Left still controlled Congress most of the time, along with the courts and local legislatures. The teachers’ unions kept a firm grip on the kids. Judges ruled for criminals and against business. Big city newspapers backed the Democratic Party.  In other words, liberals still controlled all of American but the White House, and that too would pass.

But Reagan fooled them. His campaign wasn’t only about him. He ushered in a new generation of conservatives who won local  and federal elections. They eventually captured both sides of Congress in 1994, stopping Bill Clinton in his tracks. The Reagan conservatives led to right-leaning judges who started to rule in favor of gun owners and parents and the military.

Reagan was not, as the media thought, a slow-witted actor who gave a good speech. He orchestrated an unprecedented move to the Right that changed America and the world.

To be sure, the media tried to take out George W. Bush. His reelection was so abhorrent to the New York-Washington media axis that one member, CBS News, put obviously phony documents on the air to defeat him.

Bush was never a movement conservative. He is not creating a new generation of young conservatives. But Palin can be. That’s what makes her so dangerous. Her convention speech which so dazzled the Republican base was all the evidence the big media needed.

If Palin were a liberal Democrat touting the same achievements she would have achieved sainthood by now in the pages of the New York Times.

She went from mom, to mayor, to governor — an astounding rise to power that should be applauded by feminists. But because she is a conservative, none of that matters. In fact, feminist are leading the attacks. One suggested Palin would be gang raped in New York.

That is why the New York Times takes her saga of standing up to the good ol’ boy establishment in Alaska and distorts it into a front page story that says Palin pursued vendettas. That is why the Washington Post runs a series of stories criticizing her governorship and twists her words from a speech to report she is falsely claiming a role for Iraq in the September 11 attacks.

What liberals are after today are not the economic liberalism of the 1930s or civil rights of the 1960s. They want a complete overhall of American social values. They want to redefine marriage, the military, the work place, religion — in other words, the nation’s values.

The pro-life, pro-gun Palin, age 44, is the first conservative on the scene since Reagan who can threaten that agenda with a political counter-insurgency. She must be stopped.