Court Orders Release of Gitmo Inmates Into DC

Judges can kill you. Hon. Ricardo Urbina proved it unequivocally in a DC Courtroom yesterday.

In the awful Boumediene v. Bush decision last June, the Supreme Court created a Constitutional right of habeas corpus for the Gitmo prisoners.  In his dissenting opinion in Boumediene, Justice Scalia predicted that the court’s decision would cost American lives.  Yesterday’s decision is an entirely predictable application of the bizarre law created by the court out of thin air in Boumediene.

Clinton-appointed US District Court Judge Ricardo Urbina decided it was time to free some Gitmo detainees, right onto the streets of Washington DC.

You read that correctly. Currently at Gitmo in Cuba, there are 17 Uighurs (members of an ethnic minority group from Northwestern China. The Uighurs are Muslims and some have been recruited by Al Qaeda to fight for Osama Bin Laden. ) These 17 happen to fall into that category. The men in question were all picked up at an Al Qaeda training camp in Afghanistan in 2001. They were transported to Gitmo where they have been interrogated and held ever since.

That was the case, until now. These well-trained killers, skilled in marksmanship, bomb making and jihad, all caught the eye of Ricardo Urbina as a direct extension of the Hamdan and Boumediene cases this summer. The 17 are not high value targets; instead they are button men and enforcers for Bin Laden. These are the guys who might don a suicide vest and take out a bus, a pizza parlor or an Amtrak train. So what happens next? Freedom for them. And not in China, where they were born.  China doesn’t want them back and because they might be mistreated there, our law prevents us from returning them to their native land.  Afghanistan doesn’t want them back.

So Judge Urbina has decided that they should be brought into his court by Friday of this week and released on the streets of our nation’s capital.  

For years the US has tried to send these men to a third country- though China has begged for their return. China views them as Al Qaeda and wants to deal with them appropriately. But the US State Department said, “No Way” because these poor babies might suffer at the hands of the Chinese.

So now, they will be released into the streets of Washington DC — possibly as soon as Friday of this week. Judge Urbina is a hard left jurist — confirmed with the support of Joe Biden, of course — who has in recent years found in favor of an Al Qaeda suspect being turned over to the Iraqi government for trial (he was an aide to Zarqawi). Judge Urbina would have none of that and blocked transfer to the Iraqi government on the grounds that the Sunni terrorist would be maltreated. He also recently found that Dick Cheney, the Vice President should be forced to turn over all visitor logs to the Vice President’s residence to some kook, fringe, wacko group looking to sue over the war. Get the picture?

Urbina is precisely the kind of judge that Barack Obama and Joe Biden want on the bench, one who will extend protections to foreign combatants and domestic terrorists alike. While so much of the debate in America focuses on Bill Ayers and his 40+ year old Treason, a little rage ought to be reserved for Urbina and his enabler Biden, and his future Commander in Chief Wannabe Obama.

Joe Biden loves to make the point that he rides Amtrak to and from DC every day. Well, guess what? He might be joined by 17 fellow travelers on a mission to wage Jihad in an American city — the Al Qaeda operatives who are being released by a judge that Joe Biden likes and that is just frightening and deadly, especially for those who meet up with Urbina’s innocents.

There is one ray of hope in this madness:  the Justice Department is taking an emergency appeal to the DC Circuit to overturn Urbina’s order.  That court leans a bit to the left, but its judges are at least sensible to the safety of their fellow Americans.  Look for Urbina to be overturned.  And look for other judges to release other Gitmo terrorists into America.  

Coming soon to a shopping mall near you.