Anyone Who Wants to Abandon Accountablilty Must Have A Deathwish

President Bush let Americans down last week and again Monday and Tuesday when he addressed the nation regarding our embarrassing financial mess.

When he had the opportunity to name the Fedzillacrats of both political parties responsible for the financial meltdown, he didn’t do it. This isn’t the man I voted for in 2000 or even 2004.  He needs a testosterone injection.

Americans deserve to know by name the political scoundrels responsible for this financial quagmire, especially if President Bush wants us to embrace a near trillion dollar bail out.

We deserve to know exactly how this happened and have a right to know by name anyone that should be held accountable. President Bush didn’t tell us that he supported any investigations to determine which Fedzillacrat is responsible for this mess and how it occurred. His speech was classic political hot air, and I for one am truly let down by the depth of abject soullessness in our disconnected government.

When he had the bully pulpit to provide us the information we have a right to know and he has an obligation to provide, he failed us.

President Bush is as responsible for this mess as any Fedzillacrat. While the president can truthfully claim that members of his administration warned members of congress of the pending economic meltdown of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, I don’t recall President Bush mentioning the potential economic peril in one of his State of The Union addresses or any other presidential news conferences.

If President Bush thought Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and other financial institutions were on financial thin ice, he should have used his presidential bully pulpit and warned us on any number of occasions. He had numerous chances to tell us and he failed to do so. As we have learned, bad news doesn’t get better with age.

President Bush didn’t tell us that Fedzillacrats such as Democratic Senators Dodd and Schumer and others were paid stacks of campaign donations by lobbyists of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to keep them, our representatives and our employees, from holding these quasi government institutions accountable.

These Fedzillacrats actually got Congress to pass a law that required lending institutions to make home loans to unqualified recipients. President Bush didn’t tell us that either.

President Bush didn’t tell us that stacks of tainted lobbyist money and shyster Fedzillacrats has more to do with this financial crisis than the irresponsible and quite possibly crooked CEOs and other business officers of the financial firms. Baby Face Nelson is monitoring Al Capone for us. Great.

While he did say a few words about our outdated laws and regulations and said he was a free market supporter, he didn’t say he believed that less Fedzilla meddling in the market was better for the long-term for our economy. He didn’t say that Fedzilla has no business in the home loan industry, and it doesn’t. That’s what a free market champion would have said.

He didn’t say he supported a wholesale ban on lobbyists for any financial institutions receiving our tax dollars to keep these troubled firms afloat. He should have. At a minimum, we deserve that.

He didn’t say that all senior officers of the firms receiving bail out money would be fired and put under criminal investigation.

He didn’t tell us that he was going to unleash the largest investigation in the history of the Justice Department to smoke out all the bandits that had anything to do with this. We deserve to see them put on trial and if found guilty, hauled off to jail. If our legal system can take the property of dope dealers, then we ought to be able to seize the financial assets of these bandits.

Americans have a right to know and should want to know which of our elected officials had anything to do with this mess and how much cash they received from lobbyists for turning a blind eye.

Washington DC stinks and is in worse condition than the financial industry. Fedzilla is a major source of all of our economic, social and cultural maladies. It stinks of cronyism, back handed political deals and corruption.

The Fedzillacrats deserve our scorn, contempt and anger. If any of them had an ounce of integrity they would resign and beg for forgiveness. Do your patriotic duty and vote them all out. They deserve it.

I want to know which Fedzillacrat is responsible and I want a solemn promise that these individuals will be held accountable. When I get that from the president, I will consider his bail out plan.