The Economist Offers a Cure for Obamamania

“If you find yourself believing that ‘we are the ones we’ve been waiting for’, or that ‘this is the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow’…the chances are that you are suffering from a severe case of Obamamania,” writes The Economist in this weeks print edition and they say they have the cure — it’s David Freddoso’s new book “The Case Against Barack Obama”.

The Economist rarely publishes such political book reviews and throughout history has been a "centrist" magazine. They have "backed conservatives such as Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher… supported the Americans in Vietnam. But…also endorsed Harold Wilson and Bill Clinton, and espoused a variety of liberal causes" says their about us section.

Click here to read The Economist’s full review of “The Case Against Barack Obama”

The highly regarded publication calls Freddoso’s book "a well-researched, extensively footnoted work," saying, "It aims not so much to attack Mr Obama as to puncture the belief that he is in some way an extraordinary, mould-breaking politician."

The Economist writes that "Unlike the authors of some of the cruder attacks on Mr Obama, Mr Freddoso works for a well-respected organization, the online version of the National Review."

For those who cling to the belief that any criticism of Obama must lacking credibility, or lumped with those that are, The Economist’s conclusion is a slap in the face that should return them to reality.