Photoporn of McCain and Obama's Advisor-Survivors

The financial markets dominated the news again yesterday as John McCain addressed the issue early in a morning television appearance, correcting deliberate misinformation from Barack Obama.   

“I was talking about the fundamentals of America, which is the workers, their productivity, their innovation, their incredible performance for many, many years,” McCain said.

In a stunning display of hubris, Barak Obama, the recipient of the second-largest total of campaign contributions from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (Democrat Senate colleague Chris Dodd being the largest), continued yesterday to hurl unfounded accusations at John McCain and Republicans over financial sector failures.  Obama’s own mentor and chief financial advisor James Johnson is the former chairman of Fannie Mae — the very same Johnson forced to step down from Obama’s VP search team after the Wall Street Journal reported he may have received sweetheart loans from Countrywide Financial Corp.  

Via the American Thinker
, “M. Simon traces the funds Fannie Mae pumped into vote fraud specialists ACORN, and explains how that organization pressed for the grant of mortgages to unqualified buyers, leading to the subprime mortgage mess and Fannie Mae collapse.”  ACORN is the former legal client of Barack Obama.

It is astonishing how many of Obama’s mentors (William Ayers, the Weather Underground terrorist who bombed the Pentagon and Capitol, and Rev. Jeremiah “G__ Damn America” Wright to name just two) he’s had to publicly distance himself from.  Last night, Obama attended a $9 million private fundraiser ($28,000 per plate) sponsored by the usual Blame America First Hollywood Leftists led by (is she still alive?) Barbara Streisand.  Can’t this guy find any mentors or associates who are proud of this country? 

More from the Loony Left: Hollywood photographer Jill Greenberg has exhibited on her website virtually obscene outtakes of her Atlantic Monthly cover photo shoot of John McCain.  Graphic photo warning. From the American Digest exposé:  “These images are, to any reasonably decent person, simply political pornography. There’s just no other way to parse them.”

In new Fox/Rasmussen swing state polls, more discouraging news for Obama as the swing states are trending toward McCain.  From the Rasmussen website: “Polling in Colorado, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia shows marginal gains for McCain in three states and for Obama in two. McCain has a slight advantage in three of the five states and the other two are tied.”  More at the link.

A report surfaced in the Wall Street Journal yesterday that McCain and Palin will meet with foreign leaders at the opening of the UN General Assembly next week.  No details yet specified other than the UN trip is planned for Tuesday, the day President Bush is scheduled to address the assembly. 

McCain-Palin 2008 released its latest television ad, entitled "Enough is Enough."

Tonight in Grand Rapids, Michigan, McCain-Palin will host a joint town hall meeting at the Ford Field House Gymnasium at the Grand Rapids Community College.

Also tonight, Sean Hannity airs the first of his two-night exclusive interview with Governor Sarah Palin on Fox News’ Hannity & Colmes.