The Left's Nightmare

The Left’s breakdown over all things Palin was as predictable as it is encouraging. To paraphrase Obama, they are embittered, clinging to their lies and disdain all things patriotic and all things religious. They have a deep antipathy toward those in power who happen to be Christian, rural, Republican, or in a uniform of any kind. Their pro-amnesty, heartfelt anti-Americanism is the reason for the tidal wave of energy and enthusiasm that McCain’s selection of Gov. Sarah Palin has unleashed.

Imagine the Left’s pain and suffering, hearing the growing crowds chanting USA-USA-USA! A year ago the liberals were crowing about the pending defeat of American forces in Iraq. But then Obama admitted the troop surge was successful. Now they’re cowering over what looks like an American troop victory and the pending defeat of Obama by, of all things, an old war hero.

Their embedded talking heads in the media are publicly sharpening their knives, snickering to themselves about how they are going to slice and dice Palin. ABC’s Charles Gibson, looking down his nose at this woman who’d dared to stand up and be counted, could hardly control his disdain. He was playing for the media elites to prove his creds against this conservative woman, but he, like they, don’t realize exactly what the American public is suddenly holding on to, not clinging to, but embracing with all their hearts and souls.

For it is not so much who Sarah Palin is, but what she is. She is the everyman and woman that built this great country. She is the embodiment of every great Frank Capra movie, the Mrs. Smith going to Washington, the average Jolin going up against the big city snobs, the K Sreet and Wall Street power brokers, the sexists and effete bigoted haters of our military who provide and protect their way of life. She might not have a $28,000 per seat fundraiser sponsored by Barbara Streisand, but she has won a priceless seat at the table of every average American’s table.

And though $9 million may be raked in by Streisand, that’s only from 250 people. This election will take much more than Hollywood’s elites to find victory.

The Left sees in Palin eerie parallels to Ronald Reagan. A common-sense, plain talking former sportscaster who is shattering the near Biblical certainty that their time had come to control America. A woman whose very stage presence is more powerful than a speeding bullet and has given Americans the chance to jump over the Left’s control of the media and communicate their approval with wild applause and chanting, which no manner of media tricks can edit away.

The Left clings to their white wine and brie views that have been fueled by their envious desire to be more like their European deadweight counterparts. Obama’s Berlin speech had them genuflecting before maps of the EU. Now Palin, by simple being herself, has them hearing nightmarish whispers of au revoir, auf wiedersehen, hasta luego, toodle-loo and don’t let the capital door hit you on the way out to their we-are-citizens-of-the-world dreams.

You see, American individualism is all but a hate crime in their eyes. Right-to-work states are American Gulags. Entrepreneurs are on the lowest rung. Going to church is a sign of mental illness. And the crowds shouting USA-USA-USA makes them physically ill. If you doubt me, watch the talking heads like Keith Olbermann or Chris Matthews who look like they’re passing a kidney stone the size of Alaska every time they hear Palin speak.

So let them carpet bomb Sarah Palin, scurry into her trash cans in Alaska and ask the hard questions like they have NEVER asked of Obama — it won’t matter. Let them trot out the womanizing Bill Clinton who dodged the rape bullet and is a habitual groping misogynist. He might get Chris Matthews down on his knees with praise, but it won’t matter. They can put Hillary in a thong dancing a Vegas style conga line with Nancy Pelosi and Donna Brazille and the entire NOW and NARAL organizations doing a strip tease, but it won’t take a single vote from McCain-Palin.

Why? Because Sarah Palin has unleashed a long suppressed part of us. She represents what the everyday person feels inside when they see the flag or the faces of their children and friends, who don’t cling to cable news or the New York Times. Everyday people who cling to their American right to have children, go to the church of their choice or not go at all. They cling to the certainty that not protecting our borders is akin to leaving the front door open at night while you think your children are safely sleeping. In their hearts they know that Palin represents what they know is right. But to the liberals, her similarities to the average American are horrifying and worthy of attack ads.

The media will continue to do their drill, drill, drill Sarah down routine, but watch as the crowds Palin brings out continues to grow with each insult. For every rude comment, slanted remark or sexist innuendo, watch a hundred more pro-Palin supporters turn out in rain, shine, sleet or snow. And watch Obama turn up the attack ads, hoping his superstar status will preceded his inability to be a Commander in Chief.

So like T. Boone Pickens, I say drill, drill, drill on Sarah Palin. Come out of the shadows and raise your flags of double standards, hypocrisy and anti-Americanism. One day we will look back and thank Sen. McCain for his first major decision to put Gov. Palin on the ticket. We will thank him knowing that he took the chance on a woman who was virtually unknown, but has a record to back up her Conservative credentials. An American woman who came onto the scene with a piece of our hearts infused into her own and knocked the Left’s glass houses down with their own rocks wrapped in a lipsticked smile.

Sarah Palin is the sum of many things that have been waiting to erupt within the hearts and minds of the American people. Our country was born of such frustrations, and tarred and feathered the Euro elites to drive them off the scene. Now comes Sarah Palin, who has opened a positive channel for all the long suppressed feelings to erupt and bring victory in November.

Palin is more than an American phenomenon, she is the worst nightmare the Left could ever have imagined.